Web: How to Go from Good to Great Effectively? (webinar)

Web: How to Go from Good to Great Effectively? (webinar)




Not every leader has what he or she “should” to focus on the long term, take leadership to Level 5 or be an exceptional CEO.  However, today is NOT tomorrow because you can not only identify what is missing, make wise investments, but also make learning and implementation easy and fast. IQ, EQ  and behavior tools alone cannot solve complex issues that involve 6Qs.

In this 2-hr introductory event, our world-class staff will introduce how the 6Q system works and the differences it makes in speed and results.   You can have hands-on experiences in the end.

Event Objective:

– Share our 3-year studies on what stops leaders from good to great and fails corporate leadership development
– Explore the impact of each step of leadership and business growth, for example:

– Compare the speed and results between the 6Q approach and traditional ones.
– Case studies
– How to implement efficiently
– Hands-on experience and answer questions.

Who Should Attend?

  • Executives, business owners and elites who desire to know self in depth, manage self efficiently, go from good to great, including being a level 5 leader or an exceptional CEO.

Time and Venue:  3:00 -5:00 pm, Nov 3, 2018, PST (Sat),  webinar
Spots are limited.  Get your ticket now!

How we help clients

Unique Bonus: We offer CLASS-X to those who sign up group classes through diagnose by October 31, 2017 ($1950 value).  The class will enable leaders to take care of team and self physically and mentally, win more hearts, and minimize human capital costs.