Take Charge of Human Capital Costs

Can you optimize productivity while minimizing human capital costs?  Yes, that is The Prince Synergy’s way.

To use the right people, including the right leaders, is the first step since a lot of unnecessary training can be saved.  The next is to manage talent properly.  For example, many leaders overly use the tool of motivation, which only worsen workplace stress and increase stress-related health issues and turnover whose #1 cause is workplace stress.  By taking the right approach at each step, you can not only optimize productivity but also minimize training, try-on, damage-control, etc.

Usually, the healthcare counts a big part of human capital costs.  The world DOES NOT challenge only individuals’ strength.  In addition, not everyone is at their best.  About 70% primary clinical visits are stress-related.  By using the right people and enabling them to handles setbacks and failures that often come with the worst stress, you can shoot performance and healthcare with one stone— enhance not only their daily problem solving, stress management, well-being, but also your success.

In summary, the keys to optimizing productivity and minimizing human capital costs include: