Overview–BYBSH Clinic

Be Your Best & Stay Healthy (BYBSH) Clinic

Healthcare costs have been skyrocketing. Yet, productivity still suffers. One big reason is that healthcare cannot handle non-health causes– stress associated with challenge-meeting.

Be Your Best & Stay Healthy (BYBSH) Clinic helps businesses and individuals optimize productivity and health and save significant costs at all 3 stages instead of mainly the acute one.  The clinic helps clients achieve their goal based on their potential and future needs instead of the past.


1. Employee Health.
2. Team Productivity.
3. Employee Assistant Program.


1. Beat heart attack, traumatic brain injury and other health challenges.
2. Manage Self Efficiently.
3. Be Your Best Self–Be Great, Look Great, Feel Great, and Stay Great.
4. Anticipate Issues and Take Early Actions.

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