How to Become a CEO Faster?

How to Become a CEO?

Many people wonder how to become a CEO.  In fact, anyone can be the CEO of their own business.  The key is how to become a great CEO, including an exceptional CEO.   Today, we can anticipate the development needs through the 6Q Approach and enable individuals to take early action and learn easy and fast.

Studies found those who have become CEOs at others’  companies can go from small to big, make a big leap or inherit a big mess (showcase their leadership in stressful situations).  The studies have found that 97% of successors undertook at least one of the 3 paths and almost 50% did at least two (only 24% of them had elite MBAs).

Every structure and process matter if individuals want to run their companies smoothly.  They need to see the big picture and handle their strengths and weaknesses efficiently.  The all-in-one leadership skills and styles required are beyond IQ, EQ, and behaviors alone.    The sooner a person knows how to be an exceptional CEO, the better the person can prepare self.  Does that make sense?

We have summarized 8 dimensions of how to become a CEO.  Most people only miss some “tools” to be a successful CEO.  If you are ready to know yourself better, please click here.

1. Can Behavior or EQ alone Build a Level 5 Leader?
No. Unlike computers, human capacity can fluctuate under change and storm, which involves adversity Q, health Q, and public influence Q besides IQ, EQ, and learning Q.  Behaviors mainly reflect the 6Q structural change(s) instead of making the change(s).  Thus, Behavior or EQ alone cannot build a great CEO, either.  Read more.

2. How to Be an Exceptional CEO?
Do you have to come from outside and reshuffle management AFTER the first 2 years?  No.  How to become a CEO should start here.  Read more.

3. Should a CEO Be Charming, Win Hearts & Minds?
Of course!  No CEO can achieve desirable results if others cannot perceive his or her leadership properly.  People skills are not enough.   Read more.

4. Four Keys to Optimizing Corporate Leadership Development
No strategy will succeed without efficient team execution.  Should you focus on the shifts that matter, provide continuous leadership development, and simplify people analytic formula?  No.  Read more.

5. Develop a Global Vision
Every country in the world is in a chain.  The change of one state will impact the rest.   It is essential for a CEO to see far, optimize innovation, make wise investments, and keep lasting growth. Read more.

6. Learn from Former Fortune 500 Companies CEOs, Get ahead, Stay Ahead!
It has become a phenomenon that many former Fortune Companies 500 CEOs read The Prince Synergy’s newsletters over and over right before their “retirement.”  Read more.

7. How Should CEOs Deal with Stress and Stay Healthy?
Studies found that 100% of CEOs (Vistage) suffer from stress, and the leading causes of death among executives are mainly stress-related, for example, heart attack, stroke, suicide, and cancer.  Read more.

8.Identify “Missing Software,” Strengthen Your Leadership Quality Rapidly!
Does the above sound heavy?  Usually, you only miss some tools to be a great CEO.  The key is to search beyond IQ and EQ and get to root causes of behaviors.  Read more.

The book What Stops Leaders from Good to Great includes more dimensions on how to become a CEO and build Level 5 leadership than the above.

Individuals no longer need to spend years on becoming a CEO as the “missing software” can be identified and installed smoothly via the 6Q Approach.  Still, each person needs to work hard, practice, and learn from their mistakes to reach his or her optimal performance.

Are you ready for the challenge?  You can take the free mini leadership assessment tool to experience the 6Q Approach.  Please feel free to contact us with your concern.   Do not give up your dream of being a CEO before consulting The Prince Synergy even your issue is impossible to anyone else.

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