Optimize Innovation, Sustain Startup DNA

Innovation and Startup DNA are critical for an institution to stay ahead in competition and achieve lasting growth.  Many companies have been innovative at some point but gradually become self-content, process-oriented o risk-averse.  Some just steal, rob and destroy their competitors.  As they slow down, their competitors, especially those startups at garages, remain as vigorous as before.  Not every company has the chance to “Hit Refresh.”

Poor innovation has many causes.   In addition to a lack of the right talent, institutional culture, uniform standard, common practice, poor learning, slow action and others can all suppress risk-taking, new ideas, ultimately innovation, startup DNA, and lasting growth.

We help leaders:

• Refresh leadership skills and styles.
Use the right people and optimize team performance.
• Relentlessly test new hypotheses, ask questions, and bring out new products cheaper and faster.
• Build a culture and structure that support risk-taking and new ideas; and