Overview-Take Your Leadership to Level Five

We aim not only to take leadership from good to great, but build optimally, a Level 5 leader.

Many leaders desire to go from good to great, develop Level five leadership, and be a Level 5 leader.  Lack of humility and will is not the ONLY cause.  In addition, IQ, EQ or behavior tools that top MBAs provide cannot solve complex issues efficiently.

What make us unique?

– We help leaders know every aspect of themselves, even it is insignificant today.
– By looking into their challenges, we identify their missing tools and get to the root causes that can be personal and institutional.
– We help leaders not only  be innovative, stay ahead of changes, but also manage conflicts wiselybe highly effective in the storm and be happy and healthy.
– Whenever possible, we anticipate development needs before “360 degree” and enable leaders to take early action and go from good to great efficiently.
– We do not waste time on secondary behaviors.
– In addition, we personalize learning and integrate learning with practices.
– Furthermore, we target issues with the right tool and work with the best in different industries.

By getting to the root causes with the right tools, we often take less than 50% of time that others require and have turned 30-40% impossible possible.

The video “Find the Missing Tools in Your Leadership” will share with you our 3-year study finding on what stops leaders from good to great and fails level five leadership development.

Many leaders can go from good to great efficiently, develop Level five leadership, and be a Level 5 leader if they have the right tools, including you.

Let’s explore the extra tools you need!