About the Founder

Bin Yang 

Ms. Bin Yang founded The Prince Synergy as she has found that nothing can ensure freedom and creativity better than human inner power and many leadership, talent and health issues can be solved through the right approach.

Although passionate about Business and Law, Ms. Yang first went to medical school due to her parents and got the nickname “X-Ray.”  She initially invented the 6Q Approach to recover herself from Traumatic Brain Injury due to an auto-accident and pass medical licensing exams.  Then she joined national brain research at USC and did residencies in Neuro-Psychiatry and Internal Medicine at Texas Tech University and a UCLA-affiliated hospital.

Unlike other doctors, she helped her patients meet challenges, handle setbacks, turned impossible possible, and made many years of treatments into months, weeks, or days.  When she felt it inefficient to help people one at a time, she was “offered” bigger opportunities.

Ms. Yang first discovered that most institutions, including top MBAs, develop leadership with IQ, EQ, and behavior tools and often get poor results.  By getting to the root causes of behaviors, she can evaluate leaders and talent at micro and macro levels, help leaders take leadership to Level 5 and be an exceptional CEO, and enable talent to get ready 10 times faster.  She has authored the book: What Stops Leaders from Good to Great (2017) and many other articles at Forbes and other media.

In 2016, Ms. Yang noticed that skyrocketing healthcare costs bankrupted the economy, so she opened a clinic to help businesses and individuals stay healthy and save money. She renamed the clinic to “BYBSH Clinic” (BYBSH=Be Your Best & Stay Healthy) after she recovered herself from heart attack.  Ms. Yang has written articles to share her recovery stories “Bring Dreams Back to Life from Traumatic Brain Injury beyond 2-year Plateau” and “How I Found the Breakthrough in Heart Attack.”

When asked why she founded The Prince Synergy and BYBSH, Ms. Yang replied, “It is more meaningful to help people before they go to the hospitals and empower millions at one time!”