About the Founder

Bin Yang 

Ms. Bin Yang is the Founder and Managing Director of The Prince Synergy who focuses on building exceptional leaders and performance management system and reducing healthcare costs.  

Although passionate about Business and Law, Ms. Yang first went to medical school due to her parents and got the nickname “X-Ray.”  She initially invented the 6Q Approach after she was rear-ended, suffered from Traumatic Brain Injury, and had to recover herself to pass medical licensing exams.  Later, she joined national brain research, did residencies in Neuro-Psychiatry at Texas Tech University and Internal Medicine at a UCLA-affiliated hospital, and further perfected the 6Q system at the clinic.  Unlike others, she helped her patients meet challenges, handle setback, and turned many years of treatments into months, weeks, days, or minutes, including some hardest behavior changes.  When she felt it inefficient to help people one at a time, she was “offered” the opportunity to explore greater solutions.

Ms. Yang first discovered that most institutions, including top MBAs, develop leadership through IQ, EQ and behavior tools alone and waste years since they solve “intractable issues” with non-IQ and non-EQ causes. By getting to the root cause of behaviors, Ms. Yang has helped many leaders take their leadership to Level 5be an exceptional CEO, and get many talent ready quickly.  In addition, she has authored the books: What Stops Leaders from Good to Great (2017) and many other articles at Forbes and other media.

Today skyrocketing healthcare costs have a lot to do with handling all health issues with limited tools.  Ms. Yang has found Dream & Power to help businesses and individuals to take early actions, avoid inefficient or unnecessary treatments, and minimize preventable illnesses, disabilities and deaths.  Businesses can also be employers of choice easily. 

Nothing can be more painful and frightening than to lose brainpower, the inner ability to execute and protect individuals’ human rights.  However, the 2-year plateau still traps many Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) survivors.  Once she discovered the fact, Ms. Bin Yang has restarted the program to enable TBI survivors with potential to “Recover from Traumatic Brain Injury beyond 2-year Plateau” and pursue their freedom and opportunities again.

When asked why she founded The Prince Synergy, Ms. Bin Yang replied, “No system can guarantee individuals’ human rights better than their own capacity.  It is more meaningful to help people before they go to the hospitals.  It is more efficient to empower millions at one time by building exceptional leaders and powerful AI systems!”