Who We Are

Who We Are

We are advisers to world’s leading business schools, institutions, and individuals.  We go beyond traditional approaches to identify the missing tools and software to build exceptional leaders and elites, shoot rising healthcare costs and improve healthcare quality.   We enable clients to take early action and solve the hardest issues that no one else can.

We team up with leaders with rich experience and all backgrounds and areas of expertise from all over the world.

We are problem solvers with a passion for excellence.  We remain intellectually curious and are highly collaborative.  We are creative and flexible when seeking the right tool for clients’ problem.

We do not treat individuals based on their title, but their integrity, competence, and leadership.

We hire individuals with integrity, a sharp analytical mind, creativity, leadership potential, and the ability to work with people at all levels. We are passionate about helping the people we work with.

We are proud of our set of values and a culture of supporting, caring, respect, and interdependence.  We are not a corporation tied to earnings pressures. We do not have to increase returns to our shareholders.  We put our clients’ interest ahead of our own.

Some Consultants:

Bin Yang, the inventor of the 6Q Approach, talented in Business, Law, Medicine, and Psychology.
Thomas Crehan, former Federal Judge in California.
Kwaku Atuahene-Gima, Professor in Marketing & Innovation.
Cedar Sinai Medical Group
Galabina Kamenova, former European Bronze Medalist in Gymnastics.