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About TPS Executive Academy  

— Develop exceptional leaders efficiently to strengthen businesses and society

To stay ahead in this ever-changing market, businesses need to embed leadership and functional skills in their organizations deeper and faster than ever before.   Yet few institutions can crack the code on how to align their people with the changes they desire.  Some firms nail non-behavior and non-tech issues with technology or behavioral science, which has turned weeks into months, months into years, and make possible impossible.

The mission of TPS Executive Academy is to develop exceptional leaders efficiently to strengthen businesses and society.   By getting to the root cause with the right tools, we often save 50% of time that others may require and find efficient solutions in 30-40% of “intractable” issues, which have driven dramatic impact for the overall business and society.

We develop programs that are:

Scientific.  We base our interventions on business, law, medicine and psychology, so we can work on issues at macro and micro levels simultaneously.   In addition, we measure our outcome with the approval from alumni’s supervisor, promotion, personal and business growth, workplace quality, etc.   Above all, we measure the speed and results to solve the issues that no one else can.
Visionary.  We help leaders catch development needs before “360 degree,” make wise investments, and take early action.  We enable businesses to focus on the shifts that matter as well as the holes that can leak and sink their boat.
Systemic.  We empower leaders at personal, interpersonal and systemic levels to be highly effective in challenges, conflicts, setbacks and failures.
Innovative.  We not only personalize learning, integrate learning with practices, but also deliver training in creative ways.
Efficient.   We help our alumni be their best in the most efficient way and often turn years of leadership development into months, and months into weeks.
Proven.   Our success started at clinics.  We have helped many executives breakthrough in dismay, learn from mistakes and grow with their team since The Prince Synergy was founded in 2006.

How we help clients?

Each leader has unique development needs.  The same needs may require different solutions due to their root causes, goal, work environment and stage, etc.   Thus, we often start with a diagnostic program to identify the root causes and follow-up solutions, alternatives, the best execution plan and others.  In the meantime, we encourage self-discovery.   Our core assessment tool is the Executive 6Q Assessment, and others include team performance, 360 degree, etc.

In addition to building exceptional leaders, we also build smart talent management systems that can not only excite and keep the best, but also prevent conflicts and take charge of human capital costs.

Signature Programs

Good to Great Leadership CLASS series (practice classes):

“Your training tells us what we often omit but critical to our work and life. Very inspiring.”

— Leadership Class participant

Custom Programs (most include coaching and practice classes):

“The program offers concrete guidance on various personal and professional challenges, such as self-management and leadership style.  The result is impressive!”

— Custom Program participant


Case Studies:

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