Is Creative Confidence Enough?

NO! Creative Confidence is only a psychological component of innovation.

Innovation is critical to choose focus, manage conflicts, design products, beat setbacks, and stay ahead of competition.   Poor innovation has many causes, for example, input, knowledge structure, talent type, learning, resilience, culture, system, society, etc.   By identifying the “missing software” and target issues with the right tools, we often can optimize innovation and strengthen leadership rapidly.   Here is a case study.

No one tool can solve all issues, including motivation.  Furthermore, NOT all problems have a fast solution, for example, talent type.   Institutions also need to build a culture and system that support risk taking and new ideas to achieve lasting growth.

Contact us if you need to:
• Restore their optimal performance quickly;
• Choose the right people;
• Deliver customer-centric innovation;
• Build a culture and structure that support risk-taking and initiative; and
• Enhance and protect innovation.

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