Class X: Be Happy & Be Your Own Doctor First!


Class X: Be Happy & Be Your Own Doctor First!

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Happiness optimizes productivity, creativity, popularity and health.  Good team physical and mental health management often wins leaders more hearts and minds.  

About 70% of primary clinic visits are stress-related, which can be well prevented.  No proper action will be taken unless the medical needs are identified.  Would it be great for you to develop a habit to be happy and take proper health action if needed?   Would it be more powerful if you can take care not only your team productivity but also their physical and mental health?  This is the course for you if they all matter to you.


This is a 2-day program with case studies and group exercises.

  • Understand the human system and health care system.
  • Learn the power of happiness on human mind and body.
  • Take steps to develop a habit to be happy.
  • Learn to how to optimize daily effectiveness, such as sleep and weight.
  • Recognize common medical needs, take proper action, and get to the hospital alive.
  • Be able to evaluate doctors’ performance and choose second opinions.
  • Utilize the health care systems efficiently and avoid common health mistakes.


– Those whose happiness, health and productivity are critical to themselves and their family and business.
– Those who desire to be happy, be healthy and control their healthcare costs.
– Those who want to help their family, friends, and team when needed.

Time:  Apr 24-25, 2018, 10 am-6 pm PST (Mon-Tue)

Regular price: $1550
Early Bird: 60% off, $620 for a limited time
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Venue: Los Angeles County, CA 91731

Fee Includes: all course materials and exceptional meals
Volume Discount: email us for group rates if sending 5 or more people
Timing: course starts at 10 am, hard stop each day at 6 pm

*Local programs are available upon request.

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