Executive Health Q

How to deal with stress and stay healthy is different from how to lead and innovate, but essential for leaders to balance work and life and stay healthy.

About 70% of health issues are stress-related.  Studies found that 100% of CEOs (Vistage) suffer from stress.  The leading causes of death among executives are the heart attack, suicide, stroke, and cancer.  The first three are directly stress-related.  Stress’ immune suppression also contributes to Cancer.   Other stress-related issues include insomnia, stroke, headache, fast aging, weight gain, diabetes, stomachache, etc.

Stress and associated challenges are considered “non-health causes.”  Traditional care mainly works on “health causes” and relieve symptoms of “non-health causes.” Thus, the same health issues often keep on coming back, get worse, and “treatments” can go from a few hundred dollars to millions, for example, the treatments for heart attack.   The efficient solution is to take care of health and non-health cause(s) at the same time, which is how we can free victims from heart attack to do what they need instead of “Avoid All Stress.” Read more at www.BYBSH.com.

Here are 2 more case studies:

Can you stay healthy under stress?

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