Use the Right People in Changes

We help leaders know their key performers and use the right people.

To use the right people in changes is the first step to ensure success.   IQ and EQ can review individuals’ current capacity, behavior, and personalities.  The 360 Degree Evaluation can reflect their objective reality.   However, none of the tools can anticipate development issues and causes in changes.

Through the 6Q model, we help leaders know their key performers comprehensively, get to the root causes, and take early action.  Because not all issues have fast solutions, it is better to KNOW your key performers this deeply than to do damage control.  “Can He Handle the Job” is a good example.  Below is a comparison between the 6Q Whole System Approach and piecemeal ones.

 The Benefits of Using the Right People through 6Q: 

• Increase the success rate of talent assignment from 74 – 78% to over 90%.
• Minimize trying-on and shorten the time needed to achieve goals.
Inspire, excite and keep the best efficiently.
• Optimize performance, productivity, and innovation.
Personalize learning and turn learning into action quickly.
• Minimize the training that feels like the right thing to do but don’t show value.
• Help key performers stay healthy as 70% of health issues are stress-related.
Minimize costs in opportunity loss, turnover, training, healthcare, and others.

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