Join Us, Minimize the “Intractable Issues” in Leadership & Top Team Performance!


Join Us, Minimize the “Intractable Issues” in Leadership & Top Team Performance!


Many issues in leadership, team building and health are “intractable” because they involve the entire 6Q system, and IQ, EQ and behavior tools alone cannot solve the complex issues. This is also why only 13% of companies can build effective global leaders, today’s healthcare costs are skyrocketing, and many dreams cannot com etrue.

This video will show you how complex becomes “intractable” and what you can change around you, within you, be an exceptional leader, and build a high-performing team.

Video Transcript:

Welcome to The Prince Synergy! Today our topic is “Join Us, Minimize the “Intractable Issues” in Leadership & Top Team Performance, and Change the world for the better!”

In fact, many “intractable issues” are not truly intractable, whether to solve a medical disaster or build exceptional leaders and CEOs.   Let me first tell you about my background.  I went to medical school because of my parents although I was passionate about business and Law.  Later I realized this background combination was my blessing.

First in medicine. Many people go to the hospital because they have a hard time handling challenges outside and then developed stress-related health issues or worsen existing ones.  Some of them are highly motivated.  The best way to help them is not just to relieve their symptoms, but find the missing tools they need to meet their challenges and make learning easy and fast.  Then their health issues will not reoccur easily.  That was how I invented the 6Q approach.  Individuals not only have IQ, EQ but also Learning Q, Adversity Q, Public influence Q and Health Q.  All 6Qs are connected.

A few years ago, I heard about level five leadership and was excited to learn more.  However, to my surprise, I found that top MBAs and other institutions build leaders with IQ, EQ and behavior tools alone.   Although behaviors can reflect the 6Q system, one behavior can have several underlying structures.  Later Learning Q was added.  However, issues at the top are often complex, involving the whole 6Q system, for example, how to know your talent deeply, take the risk, manage conflicts, and handle setbacks, which are critical to building exceptional leaders and CEOs.  Because complex issues often involve the whole 6Q system, IQ, EQ, and behavior tool alone can make complex problems “intractable.”  Through the 6Q approach, we can locate the development needs precisely, make learning easy and fast and target issues with the right tools.  Thus, we often can save significant time and find efficient solutions to many “intractable issues.”   You can find many case studies on our website.

In general, many issues are “intractable ” due to improper tools, and therefore, a lot of time, money, opportunities and lives could have been saved.  For example,

  • Some years of leadership development can be completed in months or less if we can identify the root causes and use the right tools.
  • Leaders tend to overuse the tool of motivation.  Many patients at the hospitals can tell them that motivation alone DOES NOT have unlimited power. They also need the right direction and tools.
  • How to handle setbacks and failures or build resilience is critical to risk-taking, daily success and long-term success.  This issue has been one of the hardest to business.  However, with the right tools, we can not only build resilience but also build it ahead of time.

Building exceptional leaders and CEOs is the most efficient way to empower millions at one time, which is why we are passionate about minimizing “Intractable Issues” in leadership & top team performance.  However, we cannot achieve the big task by ourselves; therefore, we ask you to join us and minimize the  “Intractable Issues” with us.

You may wonder how.

  1. From now on, whenever you see someone is struggling too hard or in dismay, or hear someone telling you that so-and-so issue is impossible, ask yourself, “is the issue truly impossible?  Are they using all the right tools? “
  2. Empower yourself, so you can provide solutions.  There are free quizzes, webinars, group classes, private coaching and consultation at our website.  We also help you use the resources outside wisely so that you can minimize “intractable issues” around you, within you, be an exceptional leader and build a high performing team.
    before you consult The Prince Synergy even if your challenge is impossible to anyone else.  In addition, we pay 10% for each referral, 30% for “impossible” to the top 5 firms in the world.

To change the world for the better, we need every leader to join us and minimize “intractable issues” with us.  This is also a part of our building Level 5 leaders and exceptional CEOs.   Thank you!!

Speaker:  Bin Yang, Managing Director

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