About the Founder

Bin Yang 

Ms. Bin Yang is the Founder and Managing Director of The Prince Synergy, focusing on building exceptional leaders to strengthen society and shooting performance and rising healthcare costs with one stone.  Yang believes that everyone has the right to be their best and stay healthy and enjoys helping others to achieve the goal.   First, she found that no system can guarantee individuals’ human rights but their own capacity.

Although talented in Business and Law, Yang first went to medical school due to her parents and got the nickname “X-Ray.” She invented the 6Q Approach at the clinic to help her patients meet challenges, handle setbacks and stay healthy.  Many patients recovered quickly, including the same day, with minimum re-occurrence, which saved them a lot of time and money.  However, it is inefficient for her to help people one at a time in the hospitals.  Then she “got” the opportunity to pursue her big dream and has had amazing discoveries.

Most institutions, including top MBAs, build leaders and elites with IQ, EQ and behavior tools alone and often waste years due to “intractable issues.”  In the meantime, leaders and elites have limited tools to stay healthy.  Through the 6Q Approach, Yang has helped many leaders find the “missing software” and take their leadership to Level 5be an exceptional CEO, and stay healthy.   She also empowered many elites to be their best and get ready quickly for their challenges.   In addition, she has authored the books: What Stops Leaders from Good to Great (2017) and many other articles at Forbes and other media.   When the rising healthcare costs threatens almost every business and individual, she has decided to provide efficient solutions through TPS Dream & Power as many people try to seek solutions around healthcare alone, which is inefficient.

Yang is a live sample of how she minimizes “intractable issues.”  She was rear-ended in 1997 and suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury.  However, she got zero compensation from the US Supreme Court while many experts predicted she would never recover.   She decided to apply for the U.S. Medical License Examinations (USMLE) to recover herself and passed all three steps of USMLE in 2.5 years.  Later, she joined national brain research, did residencies in Psychiatry at Texas Tech University and Internal Medicine at a UCLA-affiliated hospital 2004-2006, and received many excellent letters of recommendation.   She has also learned that no system can guarantee individuals’ human rights but their own capacity.

When asked why she founded The Prince Synergy, Yang replied, “It is more meaningful to help people before they go to the hospitals.   By building exceptional leaders and elites and utilizing AI, we can empower millions at one time.”