3-Year Study Findings: What Fails MBA Leadership Development


3-Year Study Findings: What Fails MBA Leadership Development

LOS ANGELES, April 20, 2017– The Prince Synergy (www.ThePrinceSynergy.com) announces its 3-year study findings on what fails leadership development and stops leaders to go from good to great. Among 6 leading personal causes, 5 require more than IQ and EQ to handle.  However, most leadership development programs mainly offer IQ and EQ tools, some focus on secondary behaviors or psychometrics, and many use self-assessments and offer no practices.

Six Leading Personal Causes:
1. Miss the big picture.
2. Self-destruction.
3. General development needs in the management of people, conflict, and setback.
4. External challenges and failures to meet new development needs.
5. Be vulnerable under setbacks and failures.
6. Lack of a big dream or motivation.

Three Leading Development Causes:
1. Piecemeal IQ, EQ or psychological approaches
2. Focus on secondary behaviors
3. Self-assessments and no practices

When asked the significance of the studies, Bin Yang, the Managing Director at The Prince Synergy, said, “Leaders are needed most in complex issues and the storm, which often involve much more than IQ, EQ or psychometrics alone – it encompasses the entire system.  It is important to scan the development needs of a leader at different stages, and make learning and action precise, so they can achieve their goal faster and better, including being an exceptional CEO.  The key to do so is knowing all quotients of the leader, get to the root causes with the right tools, and not to waste time on secondary behaviors.  The more leaders we can empower efficiently, the better the world will ultimately be.”

To go from good to great and develop Level 5 leadership, leaders need to optimize their leadership efficiency at personal, interpersonal, and institutional levels. They need to stay on the right track, be ready for changes and disruptions, be highly effective in the storm, and prevent setbacks and failures.   The speed, results and costs often determine their rise and fall.

Unlike others, The Prince Synergy scans direction and development needs of a leader at each stage with its Executive 6Q Assessment, just like an MRI scans human body slice by slice.  In addition, The Prince Synergy integrates learning with practices.   Furthermore, The Prince Synergy helps leaders anticipate development needs before the 360-degree evaluation, prevent setbacks and failures, and take early action.   Thus, they often take less than 50% of the time others may require.   The Prince Synergy’s video can also be found on Youtube, and book “What Stops Leaders from Good to Great?” is available on Amazon.

About The Prince Synergy:

The Prince Synergy (www.theprincesynergy.com) is a leading consulting firm whose mission is to inspire and enable businesses and individuals to be their best and enjoy lasting success.  The Prince Synergy delivers groundbreaking leadership development and performance management with its endless passion for freedom and creativity, as only The Prince Synergy can.

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For more info, or to schedule an interview, lecture, or appointment, please contact Judith Sullivan, press@theprincesynergy.com, or 310-668-1828.

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