Identify “Missing Tools,” Strengthen Your Leadership Qualities Rapidly!


Identify “Missing Tools,” Strengthen Your Leadership Qualities Rapidly!

Many leaders desire to strengthen their leadership qualities rapidly, build level 5 leadership, be a great leader, or be an exceptional CEO.  However, they waste their time on symptoms.  In fact, it may only take days to identify the root causes and “missing tools” and deliver custom solutions.  A lot of time can be saved, and many dreams can come true.

Recently, a CEO from a subsidiary company of a Fortune 500 company came to us to improve his leadership qualities and conflict management.  He had over 19 years of business experiences and graduated from a top MBA. He had tried various tools for over 1 year to improve his leadership, such as DISC, MBTI and 360-degree Feedback, but only got some general advice, such as “slow down.”

In addition to his needs, the Executive 6Q Assessment found that he could induce internal conflicts and have development opportunities in innovation, independent thinking, and other areas, which also impacted his leadership qualities and conflict management.  He had no issue in business structure and operation.  We recommended two back to back group practice classes to target his root causes and build skills and styles.  Each lasts 3 days.  However, he could only take one class at a time and would only remember about 30% of the first class when he came back for the second.

Based on his learning speed and other potential, we decided to offer him “Strengthen Your Leadership & Performance Rapidly” so that he could skip the unnecessary group training and sharing, focus on custom practices, and achieve an excellent learning result.   He finished the in-person training and practices in 1.5 days, inspired, and transformed.

What Makes the 6Q Approach Unique?

Human beings need to meet challenges while keeping their body functioning.  They can either gain the ability to meet the challenges or alter the challenges with their capacity.  Thus, they need to perform well in both society (macro) and their personal world (micro).   Unlike computers, human capacity can fluctuate in change, adversity, and storm.  These make adversity Q, health Q, and public influence Q essential to leadership development.

The 6Q Approach is the integration of Business, Law and Medicine (including Psychology), evaluating how individuals meet challenges (macro) and develop new capacity (micro).  I first invented the 6Q Approach to recover myself and then perfect the system at the clinics to help patients meet challenges, handle setbacks, and get well fast.  Many patients recover quickly, including the same say, with minimum re-occurrence.

The above CEO had many leadership development needs, one of which was to optimize innovation.  He could have issues with being open to new ideas, insights, creative confidence, knowledge structure, talent type, learning, action, resilience, resources, sales, team building, etc.  Unless we can identify the “missing tools,” motivation usually will not achieve a great result.

The Executive 6Q Assessment found that the above CEO had no other issues with innovation but liked to focus on his interest, which limited his insights.  Thus, the solution was to identify the products that did not get his attention in the beginning but surprised him with their impact later.  In the meantime, we gave him more tools to embrace all trends and helped the CEO solve other issues.   He finished the in-person training and practices in 1.5 days, inspired, and transformed.

What Impedes Leadership Development?

  1. Tools
    Traditional IQ, EQ, and learning Q tools only evaluate a half of the human system, which is insufficient to handle complex issues.  Behaviors mainly reflect the 6Q structural change but have limited power to change the 6Q structure.   DISC and 360-degree Feedback that most institutions use can collect behaviors but cannot get to their root causes efficiently.   In addition, personality alone is not enough because great leaders have all kinds of personalities that MBTI can define.   A recent study by Deloitte found that only 13% institutions feel that they can produce effective leaders.  Partial tools are one big reason behind the study findings.
  2. Approaches
    Many people go to their peers or professional coaches.  The first group advise others based on their experiences, some of whom are extraordinary.  The second group often uses the behavior tools and encourages self-discovery– find the solution on your own.  Thus, the results are often limited by the tools they use.

    Through the 6Q Approach, we will explore more dimensions and depths, and, therefore, often find the solutions that no one else and achieve results in days to weeks instead of months to years.  The speed and results matter more in crisis management.   The following case can show you the difference.

Another Example: Can He Handle the Job?

Mr. B, 38, had MBA and ten years of experience at a well-known leadership consulting firm in roles from consultant to local VP.  He was promoted to Regional Manager to boost regional sales and minimize turnover.  Two months later, sales remained flat, and turnover increased.  His wife was pregnant and very unhappy as Mr. B spent a great deal of time away from home due to the new job.  He was so burned out that he was contemplating resignation when he met us.

The Executive 6Q Assessment found Mr. B was an excellent consultant with many great leadership characteristics.  However, he was weak in sales and marketing and challenged in public influence, emotional expression, and others that were insignificant to a local VP.   There was no way to improve so many quickly.   We chose to optimize his emotion expression to first take care of his family crisis and later build intimacy with clients and colleagues. Through 30 minutes of training, he learned how to share his work stress with his wife, win her understanding and support, and how to utilize the same skills to connect with clients and colleagues more deeply.  He eliminated his family problem after the 30 minutes training.  One week later, he gained more confidence with his new job and could connect with clients and colleagues more deeply.

What would happen had he gone to a coach to discover the solution on his own?  Why his leadership firm could not anticipate his leadership development needs or support him efficiently during the crisis?  Read more in What Stop Leaders from Good to Great.

How well do you do at each part?  Take a quick quiz

How to Identify the “Missing Tools” Efficiently?

Every structure and process matters when building or managing a company.   The efficient way to identify the “missing puzzle” is to evaluate each element related and then target issues with the right tools. Because not every issue has a fast solution, it is wise to anticipate leadership development needs and do what is right.

Usually, the more capacities a person has, the fewer tools they miss. However, their learning resistance may rise significantly at the same time.  It has been heartbroken for us to watch a phenomenon in the past a few years — whenever a well-known Fortune 500 CEO suddenly reads our newsletters a lot, usually, he or she is in “hot water.” Soon the CEO will “retire,”  In fact, many of them did not miss big tools.  However, they refuse to acknowledge their new development needs and could not improve self until it was too late.

The New Year is coming. 

Do you desire to strengthen your leadership qualities rapidly, go from good to great, build level 5 leadership, or be an exceptional CEO?   Look around you to see if insufficient tools are holding you and your people back.   We are here to help if you need.

Above all, DO NOT GIVE UP before consulting The Prince Synergy even if your issue is impossible to anyone else.  To read more CEO case studies and learn more about the 6Q Approach, please read What Stop Leaders from Good to Great. 

About the Author

Bin Yang is a global CEO adviser and the Managing Director of The Prince Synergy that focuses on building exceptional leaders to strengthen society.  She authored What Stop Leaders from Good to Great.  If you’d like to learn how to empower yourself beyond IQ and EQ, consider reading the life stories in the book.  Webinars, free mini assessments and group classes are also available.  For more information or to schedule an interview, lecture, or appointment, please contact 310-668-1828.

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