Executive 6Q Assessment

The Executive 6Q Assessmentlike MRI, scans leadership, talent, skills, learning, resilience, self-management and others needed at different stages and helps clients make wise human capital investment.

Each person is an integrated system of 6 quotients (Q) to choose direction (Intelligent Q), stay current with changes (Learning Q), relate to others (Emotional Q), gain resources (Public influence Q), remain resilient in the face of adversity (AQ) and maintain energy (HQ).   The breadth of experience, operation, and motivation are included in IQ and EQ.

The Executive 6Q Assessment explores:
* Talent type, leadership styles, and performance at different business function.
* Means to improve effectiveness in communication, leadership, learning, etc., and maintain optimal performance.
* Stability in turbulence and abilities to beat setbacks and failures and learn from mistakes.
* Potential issues in changes and solutions and costs.
* The capacity or potential to meet a new challenge or fulfill a new task.

The Executive 6Q Assessment is also a comprehensive leadership tool quiz, helping to catch development needs long before 360 degree, empower early action and avoid fast replacement.


1. What Can Executive 6Q Assessment Achieve?
Executive 6Q Assessment will recommend strategy or personal development, such as training in vision, innovation, conflict management, leadership style, resilience or health.  Also, the recommendation can be industrial development in Business, Law, Marketing, Public Relations, Sciences, or management changes in talent, customer or policy-making.   At last, the recommendations can be any combination.  The assessment has 53 dimensions, and its report has 16 pages.

2. Is It Necessary to Assess So Many Factors (Qs)?
Yes. Because 6Qs are integrated with each other, it is impossible to see THE WHOLE PICTURE without evaluating all associated factors. For example, leadership can be compromised if a leader  crashes in setbacks and failures, lack certain talent, stop learning, and have poor health.   Looking at the big picture helps to identify the best strategy or the best shot(s).  Working on these elements also makes it possible to achieve exponential results– if one quotient can make the result 10% better, 2 quotients can improve the outcome to 121%, and 5Qs can bring the result to 161%.

3. What Else Makes the Executive 6Q Assessment Unique?
Executive 6Q Assessment is an integration of Business, Law, Medicine (including Psychology) and other sciences.   In addition, the assessment does not rely on “self-awareness or honesty” and helps individuals gain a deeper understanding of themselves.  Furthermore, in the absence of significant events, the data of the 6Q assessment are valid for two years, which enables us to assist the person to meet other challenges and crises from hundreds or thousands of miles away.

4. Does Executive 6Q Assessment Rely on Statistics?
Statistics can give good references, but often lead to average results.  The Executive 6Q Assessment both penetrates deeper and examines a broader range of characteristics because the best talents are often NOT average.

5. Indications for Executive 6Q Assessment:

* Executive recruitment, promotion, succession and management.
* Leadership development needs assessment and program design.
* Talent management system design
* Choose the right people in changes.
* Organizational learning and culture.
* Identify the missing elements in innovation.
* Prevent and manage conflicts.
* Management in change, transformations, M&A, and recovery.
* Human capital cost management.
* Address complex performance issues and other delicate issues.

* Executive and elite career consulting.
* Personal development in leadership, communication, effectiveness, and more.
* Personalize learning.
* Management in change, stress, setback, failure, and crisis.
* Stress-related health issue management, for example, heart disease, stroke, stomachache, insomnia, headache, obesity, fibromyalgia, rapid aging, etc.

6. How long does it take to finish the assessment?
About 60-70 minutes.

Cost:  $1800