Book: What Stops Leaders from Good to Great?

Book: What Stops Leaders from Good to Great?

Read the book that many Fortune 500 CEOs wish they have before their “retirement.”  Identify your “missing software” to go from good to great beyond IQ. EQ and Behavior tools alone.


Many leaders work hard to go from good to great and build Level 5 leadership but have failed.  Some well-known Fortune 500 CEOs only read our newsletters over and over before their “retirement.”  While leaders can internally stop and destroy themselves, traditional IQ. EQ and Behavior tools alone cannot help them solve complex issues and go from good to great efficiently.

During her residency, Bin Yang noticed that many patients went to the hospitals since they could not handle challenges outside.  Thus, she invented the 6Q Approach at the clinic to help her patients meet challenge and stay healthy under stress, and many patients recovered quickly with minimum re-occurrence.  Later, she was amazed by Level 5 leadership.  However, she discovered that top MBAs and other institutions build leaders with IQ, EQ and behavior tools alone and often get poor results due to “intractable issues.”

At first, What Stops Leaders from Good to Great will share with you what can stop leaders on their journey and how get to the root causes, including those of Humility and Will.  In addition, the book aims to empower leaders at personal, institutional, and societal levels and be efficient with the hardest issues, for example, how to handle setbacks, so that leaders can become, optimally, a Level 5 leader.  As a result, you will read many fascinating stories how Yang found solutions to “intractable issues” and help CEOs and other executives strengthen leadership rapidly.

At last, the book uses many topics on how to be a great CEO since CEOs usually face more challenges than others.  Thus, the book is also excellent for those who search how to be a great CEO (president), an exceptional CEO, or a leader of tomorrow, and who long to learn from former Fortune 500 CEOs, get ahead, and stay ahead in this fast-changing world.

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About the Author:

Bin Yang is the Managing Director of The Prince Synergy, a global CEO adviser and the inventor of the 6Q Approach.