Book: What Stops Leaders from Good to Great?

Book: What Stops Leaders from Good to Great?

What Stops Leaders from Good to Great?  

Many leaders desire to take their leadership from good to great and become a Level 5 leader but have failed.  Our studies have found 6 leading causes, 5 of which are beyond IQ, EQ and behavior tools that top MBAs provide.   Why?  Each leader is an integrated 6Q system and often faces complex issues that usually involve the whole system.  It is impossible to get the root cause(s) without knowing ALL associated facts, which is why partial approaches cannot solve complex matters efficiently.

What Stops Leaders from Good to Great aims to empower leaders to look at the big picture, find the missing tools in their leadership development, go from good to great, and become, optimally, Level 5 leaders.  The book also explains how leaders can catch development needs before 360 degree, and take early action, and why today’s force and direction CANNOT define good leaders and great ones.   The book is also excellent for the leaders of tomorrow to start right and start strong.

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Sample Case Studies:
1. Can You Tell Ass Kissers from Praisers?
2. Should a CEO be Charming?
3. Can He Handle the Job?
4. Eliminate Stress with the Right Law

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The short version of the book: What Fails Leadership Development and Stops Leaders from Good to Great.

About the Author:

Bin Yang is the Managing Director of The Prince Synergy, a global CEO adviser and the inventor of the 6Q Whole System Approach.