Strengthen Your Leadership Rapidly


Strengthen Your Leadership Rapidly

$9,850.00 $6,850.00


This program  is designed to help you identify the “missing software,” quickly diagnose and build key leadership competencies.   Compared with  “Leadership,form Good to Great,” this program starts more intensively and has fewer follow-ups.

Who Should Attend?

  • Those who desire to know their leadership strengths and opportunities and build their key leadership competencies quickly.
  • Those who need to grasp new opportunities or handle urgent issues efficiently.
  • Those who have had substantial professional training and experiences and mainly need “parts” not foundation.

What Does the Program Include?

Diagnostic + Consultation + Training & Practices + 2 follow-up

How will we help you? 

Benefits of the Program:

  • Know your leadership strengths and opportunities quickly.
  • Skip the unnecessary group training and sharing and save time.
  • Practice custom exercises instead of general ones and achieve a highly efficient and effective learning result.

New Year Promotion (expire 12/31/2017, limit to 25 participants)

$6850 = Diagnostic + Consultation + Training & Practice + 2 follow-up (The in-person training lasts 1-3 days)
$2900 = Diagnostic + Consultation (we will refund unused fund)

By signing up this program
, you agree to let us know how soon your boss and team notice the changes in you and praise you.

P.S.: It usually takes more follow-ups to build level 5 leadership, be an exceptional CEO, or solve other complex issues.