Ex: Strengthen Your Leadership Qualities Rapidly

Ex: Strengthen Your Leadership Qualities Rapidly



This program is designed to help you know your leadership competencies, identify the “missing tools,” and build your key leadership competencies rapidly.  Compared with “Leadership, from Good to Great,” this program covers key elements.


  • We will get to the root causes of your behaviors to identify your “missing software,”  and our tools are beyond IQ and EQ.
  • We evaluate leaders via multi-dimensions– vision, strategy, leadership style, change management, conflict management, mental health management, resilience building, optimal health, etc.
  • Also, we make learning easy and fast and integrate learning with practices, so you will begin to see results in days to weeks instead of months to years.
  • Furthermore, we will anticipate development needs before “the 360 Degree Evaluation” and help leaders take early action.

Benefits of the Program:

  • Know your leadership strengths and opportunities quickly.
  • Skip the unnecessary group training and sharing and save time.
  • Practice custom exercises instead of general ones to achieve a great learning result.
  • No need to repeat the Executive 6Q Assessment in 2 years unless significant events emerge, which will enable us to help you quickly even you are thousands of miles away.

“Dr. Yang provides a highly efficient and effective framework to diagnose leadership strengths and opportunities quickly through the Executive 6Q Assessment tool. Further, she is able to recommend solutions that go beyond traditional EQ/IQ based approaches by incorporating specific aspects of human behavior, considering a broader perspective to leadership that includes aspects of Adversity, Health, Public Influence and Learning with the 6Q Framework. I found the assessment and the session to be a productive investment of time and $s and would highly recommend it as an efficient way to quickly diagnose and build key leadership competencies.”
— a CEO who participated the Program

Who Should Attend?

  • Those who desire to know their leadership strengths and opportunities and build their key leadership competencies quickly.
  • Those who need to handle urgent issues or grasp new opportunities.
  • Entrepreneurs who need to build company structures and complex processes to run the company smoothly.
  • Those who have had substantial professional and management foundation and mainly need “parts.” 

What Does the Program Include?

Diagnostic + Consultation + Training & Practices + 2 follow-up
The in-person training lasts 1~2 days.  We will refund unused fund if personal training and follow-ups are not indicated,

How will we help you? 

  • Diagnose the leadership development needs, time and resources needed, and what can be done.
  • Meet with you for a 1-2 day custom intervention if there is an actionable plan.

For case studies, please read Identify Your “Missing Tools,” Strengthen Your Leadership Qualities Rapidly or contact us.