Optimize U Immunity, Beat COVID-19!

Optimize U Immunity, Beat COVID-19!

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is reaching every corner of the world. It is excellent to build vaccines and spend $30,000 on treating a hospitalized patient. It is better to empower non-infected essential workers with strong internal and external PPE to reduce the ventilator-shortage in the world.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is reaching every corner of the world. Facemasks and gowns are excellent external PPE but may not be enough to protect those whose immunity and self-healing (the internal PPE) are suppressed by stress, insomnia, Yin Yang imbalance, poor self-management, or not at their optimal level due to poor health.   The internal PPE means more if a person needs to serve customers in a relatively closed environment. That is why healthcare workers, flight attendants, pilots, bank tellers, and supermarket associates can be infected and die even they wear facemasks. 

What makes it more challenging is that many individuals are prone to infection but asymptomatic. The average cost to treat a hospitalized patient with COVID-19 is $30,000 per a study. In fact, many individuals can restore their immunity and self-healing quickly and naturally.  Some may need more time and effort, and some are better to stay at home.   

Immunity is the key to defeat virus infection

Immunity is the key to defeat virus infection.  Although asymptomatic, many individuals’ immune systems are suppressed by stress— 45 % of youngsters (MTV), 80% of workers (Harris), and 100% of CEOs (Vistage).  Thus, they cannot protect themselves well.  For example, a healthy person can suffer a severe cold after taking a stressful assignment.  A vegetarian athlete can develop a heart attack.   That is because work stress suppresses their immune system, so they get the disease that they usually do not. 

The infamous 1918 influenza pandemic killed 20 million~ 100 million persons globally, more than World War I (WWI) did (Johnson and Mueller 2002).  That is the worst mortality in history so far.  One big reason was that the flu happened at the end of WWI (1914~ 1918) whole intense continuous stress suppressed many individuals’ immune systems. No antibiotic and no vaccination at that period also made the situation worse.

By April 20, 2020, California has had 33,261 COVID-19 confirmed cases, 15901 in age 18-49 group, almost twice of any other group. Although they should have the least illnesses, the age of 18-49 group often needs to meet the most challenges from work and life and suffer the worst stress. Stress’s immune suppression makes this age group prone to infection even they carefully wash their hands and avoid virus exposure.

Sleep is Critical to Self-healing

One in four Americans develops insomnia each year. About 90% of students at an EMBA program raised their hands when I asked who had insomnia under stress. During sleep, the human body repairs self and replace old cells, which is why sleep is also one of the best beauty solutions. While we sleep, our immune system can also become more robust and fight harmful substances better. However, many people cannot sleep well, especially under stress. Most people can fall into sleep within 30 minutes after their stress is depleted, and Yin Yang is more balanced, which is why we only help people do so after we are sure that they do not need to drive and have at least a few hours to sleep.

Yin Yang balance determines the environment for immunity and self-healing to play.

I first tried the natural restoration in 2012 after I worked extra hard for a while. One day, I felt fragile after I woke up. To my surprise, I also found pus on my throat (I used to be completely healthy). I knew how long it could take if I went to the ER, so I wanted to try a new way– deplete stress and restore the Yin Yang balance. I learned these technologies when I tried to recover myself from Traumatic Brain Injury, and I decided to skip needles. It worked! A few years later, the natural restoration saved more than 80% of antibiotics when I had pneumonia.

Through the natural restoration, we have reversed fast Aging, restored individuals from burnout, and enable individuals to maintain optimal performance and health.  The self-healing during sleep was the additional power behind the recoveries.   “Naturally” means no pill, no injection, no needle, and no surgery.    

Health Baseline Matters

In addition to the stress suppression and insomnia, some individuals’ weak immunity and self-healing are due to chronic causes– poor diet, smoking, drunk, drug use, lack of exercise, decreased function, illnesses, etc. Age is a significant contribution to reduced immunity. For example, in New York City, although COVID-19 can infect various age groups, hospitalization and death occur much more as individuals get older.

While it is better to let the elderly and those with severe chronic illnesses to stay at home, the rest of the group can easily improve their health baseline. Many people drink, smoke, or drug to manage stress since they often do not know those healthy alternatives or better ways of problem-solving. Some people “cannot find the time” to take care of themselves. It is not hard for them to develop new habits, discover their personal value, and be excited about their life.

Many illnesses, including those chronic ones, result from partial tools. It can make a big difference by using the right experts.

Think Differently, Manage Efficiently

Many people are used to going to the hospital after they have typical symptoms, which is called the acute stage. That works perfectly with fast-developing illnesses, such as heart attack and injury. However, most diseases take time to develop symptoms, which is called the incubation stage, where Western medicine has limited power.

Eastern medicine and the 6Q tools can do a lot during incubation. How to restore their immunity and self-healing quickly and naturally is the integration of Eastern and Western medicine. I interviewed two Police stations. Officers there have succeeded via a non-medical way– they meet citizens outside of their police station with facemask and the right social distance. Their facemasks work well since they have excellent health and work in an open environment. However, hospitals, banks, airlines, and supermarkets cannot be that flexible. Thus, internal PPE becomes critical to those industries.

In addition, how individuals manage themselves and how businesses manage their team can mean life or death. Some people do not seek healthcare actively after they are infected, so they die quickly due to delays. Some companies let employees 70+ work hard during COVID-19 pandemic while the fatality rate of the group is nearly 10%, which leads to more deaths. Furthermore, there are many avoidable mistakes at the hospitals, so it is important to know how to use the health system efficiently.

By utilizing the right tools to strengthen immunity and self-healing, we can stop many illnesses from progressing, include COVID-19. By managing self or their team efficiently, we can fasten recovery and minimize deaths. By using the right tools at each stage, we can solve more complex health issues, prevent disease, disability, and death, and beat skyrocketing healthcare costs. 

Stay Healthy or Recover Faster

It is excellent to build vaccine and spend $30,000 treating a hospitalized patient.  It is also important to help non-infected stay healthy or recover fast.

Different person has different needs. Some people may only need a 30-minute consultation for the right direction. Some may need a 1-day training to optimize their immunity naturally and take good care of self or their team. Some may need comprehensive evaluations to achieve optimal performance and health. Some may need other tools

Do you need to work with your customers in person? Have you been working too hard or under too much stress? Are you taking good care of yourself?  See which program fits you.

About the Author
Bin Yang is the Managing Director of The Prince Synergy and Dream & Power, a leading consulting firm that focuses on building exceptional leaders, elites and performance management systems while optimizing healthcare quality and beating skyrocketing costs.  For more information or to schedule an interview, lecture or appointment, please call 310-668-1828.