Beat COVID-19 Virus with Internal AND External PPE!

Beat COVID-19 Virus with Internal AND External PPE!

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has surged again in the US.  It is excellent to develop vaccines and cures. It is better to empower vulnerable non-infected with internal AND external PPE according to their work environment, health, and learning needs instead of external PPE alone.  The more non-infected can stay healthy, the fewer ventilators will be needed, the more cities and schools can open safely, and the sooner the economy can come back. 

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has surged again recently.  Although the positive case number may be due to great testing, hospitalization number matters.  Yet, not everyone can stay at home, work from home, or close their stores.

Facemasks, gloves, and social distance cannot block all virus. Studies found that a surgical mask can block as much as 75% of virus, N95 can block up to 95% of small particle, and social distance can reduce up to 99% virus exposure. Individuals either beat the rest virus or get infected.

It is easy to understand why the elderly and people with severe illness better stay at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Many working personnel’s internal PPE is low even they are young and have no fever.  That is one big reason that 19% of COVID-19 infection could come from health care personnel (HCP) who use N95 facemasks, per the CDC.

Among infected HCP, 38% have at least one underlying health issue, and 62% have NONE. The median age was 42 when work and life are full of tough challenges whose associated stress can suppress their immunity and self-healing (internal PPE). Many individuals need to serve customers in person like infected HCP, and their internal PPE is not optimal.  If infected, they will not be able to work and can be the source of new infections.

It is wise to empower vulnerable non-infected with internal PPE besides external ones according to their work environment and health so that they can stay healthy, serve customers, and not spread infection.  Many of them can optimize their internal PPE via the 6Q fast relief, early action, and the right action.  Optimized internal PPE can also help them handle many other hazards. To do so, they first need to think differently.

Another non-infected group often underestimates the evil power of COVID-19, do not minimize virus exposure with proper external PPE, and get infected.

The First Step

The first step is to minimize virus exposure as much as possible , for COVID-19 is fierce.  People get infected during sport contests often due to no external PPE.   Another group cares about their internal PPE but underestimates external PPE, and the results can be worse when they live with a big family under one roof– once one member is infected, the entire family is involved.  

Some individuals overly protect self. For example, they wear 2 face masks while sitting inside their own car or home. Unless there is someone infected inside of the car or home or nearby, the person needs no face mask. His or her internal PPE should be able to beat remaining virus and develop antibody.

Once proper external PPE applied, internal PPE matters, especially when individuals need to serve customers in a closed area, for example, HCP, flight attendants, pilots, bank tellers, and supermarket associates.  Not every industry can work from home or work in an open area, and not every government can afford to keep so many people home.

Fast Relieves

Immunity is the key to fight infection.  Although asymptomatic, many individuals’ immune systems are suppressed by stress— 45 % of youngsters (MTV), 80% of workers (Harris), and 100% of CEOs (Vistage).  Thus, they can easily become victims if they do not know how to take good care of themselves.  For example, a healthy person can suffer a severe infection after working too hard for a while.  A vegetarian athlete can develop a heart attack after a series of intensive challenges.

During sleep, the human body repairs self and replace old cells, which is why sleep is also one of the best beauty solutions. While we sleep, our immune system can also become more robust and fight harmful substances better. However, one in four Americans develops insomnia each year. About 90% of students at an EMBA program raised their hands when I asked who had insomnia under stress. Yin Yang is an Eastern Medicine concept.

Many individuals can restore their internal PPE quickly from the suppression of stress, insomnia, and Yin Yang imbalance. Some can fall into sleep within 30 minutes. Thus, we want to be sure that individuals have a few hours to sleep before we help them. Optimized immunity and self-healing can also solve early bacterial infection within 30 minutes with NO medication.

I initially used these technologies when I tried to recover myself from Traumatic Brain Injury and pass medical licensing exams in 1999. In 2012, I found pus on my throat after I worked extra hard for a while (I used to be completely healthy). I knew how long it could take if I went to the ER, so I decided to try to deplete my stress and restore my Yin Yang balance. It worked– the pus disappeared in 30 minutes with NO medication.

Through the internal restoration, we have reversed fast Aging, burnout, and enable individuals to maintain optimal performance and health.  In the meantime, we have perfected the techniques and need no pill, no injection, no needle, and no surgery.    

Early Action, the Right Action

In addition to suppression and insomnia, other issues often take more time and effort. Some individuals’ weak internal PPE are due to chronic causes. Many people drink, smoke, or drug to manage stress since they often do not know those healthy alternatives or better problem-solving. Some people “cannot find the time” to take care of themselves. It is not hard for them to develop new habits and new skills by evaluating their 6Q. To meet challenges efficiently and live healthy is a key to maintain long-term internal balance and achieve optimal health.

Many poor health results are due to partial tools.  About 70% health issues, including as heart diseases and diabetes, are related to non-health causes, for example, stress.  To use healthcare to handle non-health causes often makes healthcare endless symptom relieves and create “chronic illnesses.”  In addition, each health tool has a comfort zone.  The right ones can make a big difference. Here are some case studies.  The elderly and those with severe illness better stay at home or have extra protection as they may need much more time.

In addition, how individuals manage themselves and how businesses manage their team can mean life or death. Some people do not seek healthcare actively after they are infected and die quickly. Some companies let employees 70+ work hard during COVID-19 pandemic. The fatality rate of the group is nearly 10%, which leads to more deaths. Furthermore, there are many avoidable mistakes at the hospitals, so it is important to know how to use the health system efficiently.

Think Differently

Many people are used to going to the hospital after they develop typical symptoms or reach the acute stage. That works perfectly with fast-developing illnesses, such as heart attack and injury. However, most diseases take time to develop symptoms, called incubation, where Western medicine often has limited power, and Eastern medicine and the 6Q tools can do more. For example, I restored my internal PPE quickly and avoided going to the ER.

Los Angeles has been hit hard during the COVID-19 pandemic. We visited two police stations and found that officers there met customers outside their stations while keeping social distances and wearing N95 facemasks. Police already have excellent internal PPE. With the best internal and external PPE, no officer gets infected. 

COVID-19 Diagnostic & Antibody Testing vs. Internal PPE

Some institutions want to invest in COVID-19 diagnostic and antibody tests to control infections. That is great but can be greater.   The COVID-19 diagnostic tests help to catch asymptomatic infections but cannot replace internal and external PPE or health care needed.  Individuals only develop COVID-19 antibodies AFTER exposed to the virus, and the reliability of the antibody is unclear, per CDC. Individuals should enhance their internal PPE when they are not infected and go to the hospitals or clinics once their COVID-19 diagnostic test turns positive, for they may need a lot more life support, such as ventilators.

Stay Healthy or Recover Faster

It is excellent to develop a vaccine and cure.  It is wise to help vulnerable non-infected stay healthy by empowering them with internal PPE besides external ones according to their work environment and health, especially if they need to serve customers in person.  When more people can stay healthy, more cities can be opened safely, and the economy can also come back sooner.  Furthermore, people can save a lot of healthcare costs with their optimized internal PPE and self-management. 

In today fast-changing world, it is essential for individuals to meet challenge, manage stress, and take good care of self. However, most people do not have sufficient education, and many businesses think that is individual responsibility to get the education.

Different individual and industry have different needs. Most individuals need 1~2-day basic training. Those who need to handle complex tasks may need comprehensive evaluations to achieve optimal performance health. Some may need to better their performance management system.  Some people may only need a 30-minute consultation for the right direction.  See which program fits you.

About the Author
Bin Yang is the Managing Director of The Prince Synergy and Dream & Power, a leading consulting firm that focuses on building exceptional leaders, elites and performance management systems while optimizing healthcare quality and beating skyrocketing costs.  For more information or to schedule an interview, lecture or appointment, please call 310-668-1828.