Deal with Stress- Executive Health Management Q

How to deal with stress and stay healthy is different from how to lead and innovate.

The complexity and uncertainty at the top makes executive health management more challenging than ever.   Studies found that 100% of CEOs (Vistage) suffer from stress.   The leading causes of death among executives are heart disease, suicide, stroke, and cancer.  The first three are directly stress-related.   Immune suppression secondary to stress also contributes to Cancer.   Other common stress-related health issues include insomnia, headache, fast aging, stomachache, etc.   In the meantime, good team physical and mental health management often win leaders hearts, minds and a lot of social credits.

The root cause of poor executive health management is a lack of the right tools to Meet Challenge, Relieve Stress or Restore Energy.   Hospitals mainly provide symptom relief here like meditation, yoga, and deep breathing do, which is why the same health issues often keep on coming back, getting worse, and “treatments” often become increasingly expensive.  The treatments for heart diseases are a good example: from EKG (rhythm analysis) to bridge to bypass.

The efficient way to stay healthy under stress is to take care of root cause(s) AND symptom(s) at the same time, which was how we first succeeded at clinic in 2004.  Good examples include “Eliminate Stress & Insomnia with the Right Law” and “Get 10-15 Years Back in 2 Weeks.”  You can read more stories about executive health management in  What Stop Leaders from Good to Great?


STAGE 1.  Start Right, Start Strong, and Minimize Stress
Nothing can maximize success and minimize stress and setbacks better than the right direction and sufficient tools.  For executives, the right tools also include how to be an effective leader, stay on the right track in addition to regular stress and personal health management.

STAGE 2.  Be Ready for the Worst
Setbacks and failures often come with the worst stress and cause severe health issues, such as heart attack and stroke.  To be able to handle setbacks and failures is essential to not only business success, but also personal health.  Exceptional leaders should “Be Happy, Be Your Own Doctor First,” so they can manage the physical and mental health of their own and their team and take charge of their success and human capital efficiently.

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