ExS: Optimize Leadership Styles, Win More Hearts & Minds

ExS: Optimize Leadership Styles, Win More Hearts & Minds




To help leaders be more charming and win more hearts and minds is a part of our Level 5 leadership program.  The program aims to help leaders manage conflicts wisely, identify opportunities within conflicts, and turn strategies into results quickly.   In addition, the program helps leaders bring out more internal charm.  This program does not cover team development and system structure.

Benefits of the Program:

  • Know yourself at a personal level, including your leadership style(s) and skills.
  • Develop a systemic view of conflict management and leadership styles and skills.
  • Prevent internal and external conflicts, identify opportunities within conflicts, and manage them wisely.
  • Master practical tips to handle difficult situations.
  • Benefit from the lessons of other leaders.
  • There is no need to repeat the Executive 6Q Assessment in 2 years unless significant events emerge. That will enable us to help you quickly, even if you are thousands of miles away.


The program will start with the Executive 6Q Assessment and will have follow up in two weeks, 6 weeks, and 10 weeks.  We prefer to combine initial consultation with personal practice to “Strengthen Your Leadership Rapidly.” The first meeting and in-person training will be in Los Angeles unless arranged differently.   The follow-up meetings with clients can be on-line.