CLASS : Take Care of Your Team, Beat COVID-19 and More!

CLASS : Take Care of Your Team, Beat COVID-19 and More!




This program enables management personnel (MP) to further integrate healthcare with their daily management, talent planning and tasking, minimize team infections and deaths.   The program also empowers MP to be a great role model and motivate their team to develop new skills and habits to improve immunity and self-management during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The program is built on top of the “Class: Take Care of Yourself, Beat COVID-19” and beyond.

Benefits of the Program:
– Help businesses minimize COVID-19 infections and deaths further.
– Improve leadership styles and skills beyond behavior and EQ.
– Optimize team productivity and loyalty.
– Save significant healthcare costs, sick leaves and absenteeism.  in the long run.

How to Evaluate Your Class Results?

– Team productivity and resilience to COVID-19 and other health issues as well as cost saving in healthcare, law suites, absenteeism and others.

What Does This Program Cover?

– How COVID-19 can impact individuals’ immune system and the fast, early and the right action needed  (see Class: Take Care of Yourself, Beat COVID-19).
– How to integrate healthcare with daily management, talent tasking and planning, anticipate risks, and take early action.
– What stops MP from taking the right actions in COVID-19.

Who Fit the Program?
MP whose team members need to serve customers or work with other team members in person..

The Next Program:

Time: 8 am~ 6 pm, 8-13-2020 (10 hrs, Thu, PST)
Venue: Webinar.
Instructor: Ms. B Yang, the inventor of the 6Q Approach and Managing Director of The Prince Synergy and Dream & Power.

P.S.: COVID-19 pandemic discount will end on 8/9/2020.

      All participants are subject to the approval of The Prince Synergy.


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