Class: Beat COVID-19, Stay Healthy! (E)

Class: Beat COVID-19, Stay Healthy! (E)


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COVID-19 is almost everywhere.  Face masks and social distances cannot block all viruses.  Individuals either beat the rest viruses or get infected.  However, not everyone has optimal internal PPE (immunity) due to stress, co-morbidities or poor self management.  Yet, many individuals can restore or optimize their internal PPE via fast relieves, early action and right action.

This program will help individuals fully utilize different tools to restore or optimize their internal PPE while minimizing virus exposure and stay healthy from COVID-19.  Empowering individuals with knowledge and control will also best strengthen their mental health during the pandemic.

Benefits of the Program:

  1. Restore immunity from stress suppression, minimize co-morbidities, and maintain optimal Internal PPE.
  2. Minimize health issues and save high deductibles and co-pays down the road.

How to Evaluate Your Class Results?

The speed and result how individuals regain their energy and their resilience to COVID-19 and other health issues.

What Does the Program Cover?

– Learn how to minimize virus exposure with proper external PPE
– Know your baseline, related human system, and what can break your immunity system while asymptomatic.
– Know the comfort zones of Eastern and Western Medicine and the 6Q tools
– Restore immunity via natural and fast relieves.
– Know self better, meet challenge, and manage stress in work and life efficiently.
– Recognize COVID-19 infection and get healthcare on time.

Who Fit the Program?

– Those whose work or life is full of challenges and associated stress, especially those need mental support.
– Individuals who need to serve customers or work with team in person.
– Individuals whose health issues emerge or worsen under challenges and stress, for example, heart attack, ulcer, insomnia, etc.
– Those who desire to fully utilize various tools and manage self efficiently.

2. Management personnel, please visit “Class: Take Care of Your Team, Beat COVID-19 and More!”

How Will We Teach the Class?

Case studies and hands-on practices.

The Next Program:

Time: 9 am~ 5 pm, 12-31-2020 (8 hrs, Thu, PST)
Venue: Webinar.
Instructor: Bin Yang, the inventor of the 6Q Approach
Promotion ends by 12/26/2020.

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Please contact us FOR URGENT NEEDS.

PS: Please go to the test centers, hospitals or clinics if you think you may get infected.  
All participants are subject to the approval of The Prince Synergy.


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