CLASS : Be Your Own Doctor, Beat COVID-19 (E)


CLASS : Be Your Own Doctor, Beat COVID-19 (E)

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When COVID-19 is spreading wildly, many people think about developing a vaccine or find a cure, which is excellent  We can also stay healthy with strong internal and external PPE RIGHT NOW and save ventilators to those in need.

Facemasks and gowns are excellent external PPE, but may not be enough for those who need to serve many customers in person in a closed environment if their immunity and self-healing are suppressed or not at their optimal level.  In addition, how individuals manage themselves and how businesses manage team can mean life or death.   The 1-day program will help individuals manage themselves efficiently at different stages, stay healthy, or recover fast.

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Benefits of the Program:

– Individuals will learn how to manage not only COVID-19 but also related common health issues.
– Save high deductibles or co-pays today and tomorrow.
– Protect dream and opportunity and optimize energy and creativity.

– Continue business operation efficiently.
– Optimize team wellness and keep the best.
– Minimize healthcare costs, work injuries, turnover, sick leave, and others.

PS:  we offer a special discount to support individuals and businesses during COVID-19 pandemic.

How to Evaluate Your Class Results?

Individuals’ sleep, productivity, resilience to COVID-19 and other health issues, and cost saving in healthcare and others.

What Does the Beat COVID-19 Cover?

– Know Your Baseline and Related Human System
– Learn What can Break Your Immunity and Self-Healing while Asymptomatic.

– Take Early Action:
1. Natural and fast ways to restore and optimize immunity and internal healing and the indications.
2. Know yourself and meet challenges in work and life.
3. Improve baseline and pursue optimal health.

– Take the Right Action on Time
1. Recognize COVID-19, its complication and other common health issues in their environment.
2. Get healthcare on time.
3. Avoid common mistakes in hospitals.

– Find Complex Solutions
1. Know the comfort zones of Eastern and Western Medicine and the 6Q tools.
2. Use the right experts and avoid unnecessary and unwise treatments.

Who Fit the Program?

– Those who need to serve many customers in person in a closed environment.
– Those who work under intensive stress or cannot sleep well under stress.
– Individuals who desire to take charge of their health and life.
– Those who desire to save high healthcare deductibles and co-pays and keep other opportunities.

– Those whose front line workers need to serve customers in person in a closed environment.
– Those who need to manage team efficiently and minimize work injuries.
– Those who desire to keep the best and save healthcare costs, workman’s comp, turnover, sick leave, and others.

Who DO NOT Fit the Program?

– Medically unstable individuals.

How Will We Teach the Class?

Case studies and hands-on practices.

The Next Program:

Time:  9am~ 5pm, 5-20-2020 (wed, PST)
Venue: Webinar.
Instructor: Ms. Bin Yang, the inventor of the 6Q Approach and Managing Director of The Prince Synergy and Dream & Power.

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PS: All participants are subject to the approval of The Prince Synergy.

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