Class: Beat COVID-19, Stay Healthy! (E)

Class: Beat COVID-19, Stay Healthy! (E)




When COVID-19 reaches every corner of the world, the typical solutions are testing, face masks, and social distance. However, face masks and social distance are external PPE and cannot block all viruses, and not everyone has optimal internal PPE (immunity). That is one big reason that about 19% of infections were from healthcare professionals (HCP), and the elderly are at the highest risk, per the CDC. In the meantime, not every infected will take the test, which makes it hard to know who is infected. 

This program will give individuals one more tool– optimize your Internal BESIDES External PPE– so that you can beat the virus that external PPE cannot block and stay healthy. Many individuals can improve their internal PPE and keep it at an optimal level through fast relieves, early action, and the right action within four weeks. 

Benefits of the Program:

Help individual stay healthy from COVID-19, minimize many other health issues and save a lot of healthcare deductibles and co-pays down the road.

How to Evaluate Your Class Results?

The speed and result how individuals gain their resilience to COVID-19 and other health issues and cost saving in healthcare and others.

What Does the Program Cover?

– Know your baseline, related human system, and what can break your immunity system while asymptomatic.
– Learn how to minimize virus exposure with proper external PPE.

– Restore and optimize immunity via natural and fast relieves.
– Know self better, meet challenge and manage stress efficiently.
– Recognize COVID-19 infection and get healthcare on time.

– Know the comfort zones of Eastern and Western Medicine and the 6Q tools and manage current underlying health issues efficiently.

Who Fit the Program?

1. Individuals who need to serve customers or work with team in person, whose internal PPE may be challenged:
– Those whose work or life is full of challenges and associated stress.
– Individuals whose health issues are closely related to the challenges and stress in their work and life, for example, heart disease, insomnia, hypertension, etc.
– Individuals who do not manage self properly.

2. Management personnel, please visit “Class: Take Care of Your Team, Beat COVID-19 and More!”

How Will We Teach the Class?

Case studies and hands-on practices.

The Next Program:

Time: 9 am~ 5 pm, 8-12-2020 (8 hrs, Wed, PST)
Venue: Webinar.
Instructor: Ms. Bin Yang, the inventor of the 6Q Approach and Managing Director of The Prince Synergy and Dream & Power.

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PS: All participants are subject to the approval of The Prince Synergy.

Please visit Reach Your Optimal Health & Performance! if you desire to achieve optimal health and its side benefit.


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