Case Study: Should A CEO be Charming?

Case Study: Should A CEO be Charming?

Should A CEO be Charming?  Definitely!

The CEO of a big construction company was excellent in construction work and devoted to his job. However, he was impatient with his staff’s “silly” questions and wanted staff to follow his development model. He also liked to wear his college outfits wherever he went.  As a result, his chairman concerned his manner and image could cost their business opportunities.

Executive 6Q Assessment found that the CEO had a healthy Ego and was strong in decision-making, learning, customer needs satisfaction, etc.  But he was weak in emotional control and expression, Public Relationship awareness, and had limited leadership styles.

Bring Internal Charm Out
Due to the above finding, we recommended custom training to enhance his emotional quotient and Public Relationship sense, and optimize his leadership styles and efficiency.        

Be Sharp and Charming
The CEO quickly understood the gap between his self-awareness and others’ perception and developed the skills and styles needed. In less than three months, he won the trust and devotion of his staff back.

Should A CEO be Charming? Of course!  No CEO can achieve desirable results if others cannot perceive his or her leadership properly.  Not only industrial insights are important, but also conflict management, leadership style, team management, etc.