Mental Health Management, a Part of Executive Health Quotient (HQ)

Mental Health Management, a Part of Executive Health Quotient (HQ)

Last week, it went viral that Ben Congleton, CEO of Olark, encouraged his web developer Madalyn Parker to take 2 days off for her mental health.  This should not have happened because mental health management is a part of Health Quotient (HQ).  The CEO’s confirmation email went viral implies that many CEOs cannot handle the matter wisely.

How to Handle Mental Health Issues Efficiently?

Mental health management is a part of health management and can directly impact creativity and productivity.   Mental health issues can be pathological, such as depression, and non-pathological, such as burn out. Prohibiting days off would not increase productivity but expel talent.   However, some people believe that motivation can overcome any “mental issue.”  Some stigmatize others with “mental issue.”  The efficient solutions include:

  • Make environment comfortable for people to address their needs.
  • Give employees the right tools to handle jobs, take care of self and prevent mental breakdown, including suicides.
  • Take the right action when issues emerge, including taking days off and going to the right experts.
  • Some mental illnesses need to be on continuous medication, such as Bipolar, and therefore, individuals need to have periodic physical checkup for drug side effects.

How to Assess and Empower CEOs and other Executives Effectively?

CEOs and other executives are the key to business success.  They need not only keep the optimal performance of their own, but also those of their team, which requires not only IQ and EQ, but also Health Q, Adversity Q, Learning Q and Public Influence Q to handle daily challenges.   Like other Qs, HQ affects team performance everyday, which includes physical and mental health management.   In addition, executives need to deal with stress at a whole new level.  “Eliminate Stress & Insomnia with the Right Law” has two great examples.

Today executives can not only have their mental health management skills assessed via the Executive 6Q Assessment, but also empower self with a 2-day class, “Be Happy & Be Your Own Doctor First,” and other programs.  For those CEOs and executives who desire to be exceptional, mental health management is a natural area for them to win hearts and minds.

It takes the right tools to make workplace more productive and bring leadership from good to great.

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