Find Your Missing Tools for Motivation


Find Your Missing Tools for Motivation

To motivate others and translate strategy into action is a key to build a level 5 leader or an exceptional CEO.  However, many leaders overly use the tools for motivation as they believe “motivation” can enable a human being to overcome ANY obstacle.   In fact, they mainly use the psychological part of the motivation at a basic level.

For example, to motivate a person to meet the challenges that the person has the potential but does not know is a great way to get a job done while exciting and keeping the best.   Leadership style is one part.   To know the talent at a personal level is essential.  Without sufficient tools or the right direction, motivation alone can not only fail and delay the whole project but also lead to stress-related health issues like insomnia, burnout, heart attack and stroke.   “Can He Handle the Job?” is a good example.

The lack of in-depth knowledge about talent is one common development need among executives.  One root cause is that IQ, EQ, behaviors, and personality are not enough to know talent.  Below is a comparison between traditional piecemeal approaches and the 6Q Approach.

In addition, studies found that workplace stress is also #1 cause of turnover.   Turnover and healthcare costs both contribute to human capital costs.   How well do you know your talent?   Take a free Mini Leadership Assessment.

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