Case Study: Get 10-15 Years Back in 2 Weeks!

Case Study: Get 10-15 Years Back in 2 Weeks!

An executive found herself aged 10-15 years in one week.  She usually looked 10-15 years younger than average.  A week ago, she had to handle an issue beyond her capacity.  Afterwards, she went to see a Financial Adviser for retirement planning.  To her surprise, the Financial Adviser guessed her real age.  She quickly looked into a mirror, and only found that she looked terrible.

There were many traditional ways for wellness restoration, but none of them could help her:
* Rest and Nutrition: not specific to her situation.
* Motivation: will only burn her out more.
* Massage, Skincare and Psychotherapy: helpful, but not powerful enough.
* Pills, Surgery, Acupuncture or Herb Tea: cannot solve her issue well.

Restore Internal Supply
What she needed was to restore her internal supply fast and then learned to meet her challenges efficiently– we helped her balance yin-yang and sleep deeply.  She became five years younger again two nights later, and almost the same as before two weeks later.  Because she did not have to face the same challenge again, we advised her to meet challenges with right resources and tools

Fast aging is a common stress-related health issue among executives who strike to achieve their most and fail to maintain self properly.   Some executives only show fast aging with no other symptoms.  Fortunately, the executive above did not have to face the same challenge again.  Otherwise, she could suffer from fast aging.   Knowing personal maximum comfort zone and taking good care of self is essential not only to leadership success, but also to personal health as well as family, friends and businesses that depend on you.   This is one example why executive health management can be very challenging.

PS: please go to the hospital first for abnormal physical signs.  The Prince Synergy is not a clinic or a hospital.