ExS: Leadership, from Good to Great

ExS: Leadership, from Good to Great




Many leaders have failed to go from good to great and develop level five leadership due to internal and external causes. In addition, complex issues often require more IQ, EQ and behavior tools.  The program will evaluate your 6Qs, identify your “missing software” at personal, interpersonal and business-society levels and choose the best implementation strategy and follow-up models.   This program aims to build not only a great leader, but optimally, a level 5 leader.  It often takes more to be an exceptional CEO.


  • We get to the root causes of behaviors to identify your “missing software” and make wise investments.  Our tools are beyond IQ and EQ.
  • We evaluate leaders via multi-dimensions–not only the traditional vision, strategy, leadership style but also conflict management, heart-mind winning, resilience building, staying healthy, optimal level and others.
  • In addition, we make learning easy and fast, integrate learning with practices, and, therefore, often begin to see results in days to weeks instead of months to years.
  • Furthermore, we help leaders anticipate development needs before “the 360 Degree Evaluation” if possible and take early action.

CLASSIC MODELS (Not everyone need every piece below)



Your Issue(s), Your Model


The program will start with the Executive 6Q Assessment and last 4-6 months.   We have found it highly efficient to integrate initial consultation with personal training and practice so that you can “Strengthen Your Leadership Rapidly” in 1-3 days and consolidate your new skills through follow-ups.  You can also join group practices for personal practices.  The first meeting, in-person training, and group classes will be in Los Angeles unless arranged differently.   The follow-up meetings with clients can be every 1/2 week, 1w, 2w, 3w, to 4w, based on progress and needs.

Some issues can be addressed in group classes:


  • Executives and business owners who desire to know self deeply, go from good to great, develop Level 5 leadership and become a Level 5 leader.
  • Leaders who desire to maximize leadership efficiency, handle uncertainty and complexity efficiently, and stay ahead of changes.
  • Leaders who want to prevent setbacks and failures and be highly effective in the storm.
  • Those who need fast and lasting results.


  • Have achieved some successes.
  • Desire to build enduring greatness.
  • Treat talent as the most valuable asset.
  • No issues related to ethics or abuse.

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