Catch the Development Needs of a Leader before 360 Degree

Catch the Development Needs of a Leader before 360 Degree

Efficient leadership development involves identifying the development needs of a leader and targeting their needs with the right tools.  When the leader grows, institutions can also benefit from greater leadership and management continuity.   To catch the development needs of a leader before 360 degree and take early action is what makes us different.

Many people wonder- how can you catch development needs of a leader before 360 degree?  A person’s internal structure and capacity usually remains the same unless significant events emerge.  The capacity that each task requires usually is also the same.   What challenges others is how to anticipate the capacity change under raining days and storm since they cannot see the whole picture.   However, this is not an issue to us.

Leadership Development History Review

Looking back, IQ was over estimated in leadership development until Daniel Goleman brought in EQ.  Lominger expanded a part of IQ and EQ– breadth of experience, operation, and motivation– and add Learning Q.  Michael Porter strengthened IQ with strategy and competitiveness.  Peter Drucker perfected management.  Jim Collins defined 5 levels of leadership within the 3Q.  But no anticipation and solution if leaders crash in setbacks and failures (Adversity Quotient, AQ) or lose health (Health Quotient, HQ) due to work stress.

However, all 6Q are integrated, for example, poor AQ and HQ can shut down IQ, EQ and LQ.    It is impossible to know the root cause(s) without knowing ALL associated facts.  Subsequently, it is impossible to anticipate development needs of a leader and take the right action to achieve fast and lasting results.   It takes the right talent, knowledge, learning, innovation, motivation, resilience, resources, energy, and others to meet new challenges and beat setbacks and failures.

Behaviors can reflect the underlying 6Q structure but often change as environments change, especially under setbacks and failures, which is why Napoleon could commit suicide after Allies defeated him.   You can understand the reflection better if you watch a live process how we help CEOs go from good to great and become exceptional CEOs.  The 360 degree can observe the behavior on the surface, but not the causes and potential issues beneath; therefore, behavior modification can be slow or unfruitful.   That is why traditional leadership development has poor impact.   In addition, about 30-40%” intractable” issues are due to piecemeal approaches or a lack of the right tools.

By evaluating individuals’ underlying 6Q structure and knowing the challenge ahead, we can anticipate the development needs of a leader and design solution(s) or alternatives.   Can He Handle the Job?  is a good example.  The Executive 6Q Assessment is like MRI, scanning elements needed at different processes and stages.  You find the live illustration in the video “Find the Missing Tools in Motivation.”

Leaders are needed most in uncertainty and complexity that often require more than IQ, EQ and behavior tools that top schools provide.  The development needs of a leader can be personal, interpersonal and organizational, for example strategy, leadership style, talent management, etc.  A lack of the right tool make many possible impossible.

 (Leadership & Performance MRI)

There were 253 CEO Replacements at Fortune 1000 in 2014, Man: Woman = 252:1.   Would it be better to catch the development needs of those CEOs long before 360 degree and empower them with the right tools?  It is easy to understand that leaders’ underlying 6Q structure makes the difference between good leaders and great ones.    Somehow, the challenges leaders have to meet and the tools that they can use also contribute to their luck.   Just imagine what would have happened if Franklin Roosevelt had to run marathon and Warren Buffet has to hunt for living.  The right time and the right place matters.  So do the tools they choose. 

Benefits to Catch Development Needs of a Leader before 360 Degree

Too many.  In general, it enables leaders to leverage human capital more efficiently:
1. Take early action to empower self.
2. Use the right people in changes.
3. Inspire, excite and keep the best.
4. Minimize damage control.
5. Shorten the time and money needed to achieve goals.

How Can We Catch Development Needs of a Leader before 360 Degree?

Our services are the integration of Business, Law, and Medicine (including Psychology), not just Psychology.  Our founder invented the 6Q Whole System Approach at clinics when she was looking for tools to help her patients beat setbacks and stay healthy.   Many case studies in this book What Stops Leaders from Good to Great are impossible to partial approaches but solvable to the 6Q Whole System Approach.   Here are some case studies. 
1. Should a  CEO be Charming?
2. Eliminate Stress with the Right Law
3. Can He Handle the Job?

Can we foresee everything in the world?  NO, but we know what takes to handle the worst—setbacks and failures and can enable leaders to be ready for the worst.

The world is changing fast.  Different challenges demand different capacities.  What is insignificant today can be significant tomorrow.   What is significant today can disappear over night.  The fast CEO Replacements at Fortune 1000 in 2014 can be minimized had businesses anticipated their development needs sooner.   Our studies have found 6 leading causes that stop leaders from good to great and 3 that fail leadership development.   To catch the development needs of a leader is one of the systemic solutions.    For more information, please read the book What Stops Leaders from Good to Great.

A Right Start, A Strong Start is the program that enables leaders to catch their development needs before the 360-degree and choose the best follow-up strategies, models and group practices.   The links between leadership group classes can be found at Class 2-Optimize Leadership Styles & Conflict Management.   Leadership, from Good to Great is the All-in-One program.

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