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Build exceptional leaders and top teams to strengthen society.


Deliver groundbreaking leadership development and top team performance management with our endless passion for freedom and creativity, as only The Prince Synergy can.

We believe that everyone has the rights to be their best.  Building level 5 leaders, exceptional CEOs, and optimizing top team performance is the most efficient way to empower millions at one time.  However, many issues here are “intractable” due to improper approaches and have wasted a lot of time, money and dreams.


Unlike others, we do not only encourage self-discovery or solve ALL problems with IQ, EQ and behavior tools alone.  Instead, we get to the root causes of development needs and empower leaders systemically with the right tools

Each person is an integrated 6Q system linked with business and society and often needs the whole 6Q to handle complex issues.  Piecemeal approaches have made many complex issues “intractable” and failed leadership development.  Through the 6Q approach, we often can save at least 50% of the time that others may require and find efficient solutions to 30-40% of “intractable issues.”


In this fast-changing world, SPEED & RESULTS determine the rise and fall.  A lot of time, money and dreams can be saved with the right tools.   Join us, minimize “intractable issues” in leadership and top team performance with The Prince Synergy!   Together, we can make the rainbow brighter!

DO NOT GIVE UP before consulting The Prince Synergy even if your issue is impossible to anyone else.

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