Focus on the Big Picture, Focus on the Long Term

To focus on the big picture & focus on the long-term is usually the first step to succeed, whether to develop Level five leadership or become an exceptional CEO.  

Most people understand technical part– being on the right track and industry insights, but miss another one– a healthy Ego, one of whose reflection is Humility.  In fact, every piece can impact how broad leaders can vision, what they will absorb and associate, how they will innovate, etc.  Unless they can naturally focus on the big picture, many things can go wrong in the first step.  For example, leaders may be able to tell an ass kisser from a praiser but choose the ass kisser to satisfy their Ego and get backfired.

To focus on the big picture also includes focussing on the long term, which can be challenging when disruptions and changes can come from any direction.  First, new needs may throw leaders out of their comfort zone.   Second, it is the most challenging to focus on the big picture and focus on the long-term in the storm.   Unless well prepared, leaders can easily miss the big picture in change, disruption, and storm.  Here are some life stories.

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