Case Study: Eliminate Stress with the Right Law

Case Study: Eliminate Stress with the Right Law

Almost 100% CEO suffer from stress. The key to deal with stress successfully is NOT to use one tool to solve all issues.

It takes the right tools, which can be Law.  Here are two cases that our founder had, one at the clinic and the other at a government lobby.

Case Study 1:
An attorney came for insomnia and anxiety. His parents left all their money to him but nothing to his sister. His sister kept on suing the family, and he had to manage. Subsequently, he developed anxiety and insomnia. He had visited several other firms before he came and was quite familiar with standard maneuvers, such as position change. Dr. Yang asked him if his family had set up a family fund. He said no. Then Dr. Yang told him, “Set up your family fund, so you do not have to give your 40% to Uncle Sam, but give it to your sister.” The attorney was speechless. He needed no more therapy afterward.

Case Study 2:
A real estate company must have a business license to do business in one district in a major global city a few years ago. Before that, the company must have property in that area. One company had invested most of their money in another area. Their representative begged a government officer to give them an exception. The officer insisted that they must have a property first. The agent was almost burned out. Dr. Yang, happened to be nearby. She asked the officer, “Is there any requirement for the size of the property?” The officer was astounded because there was none, which meant the company could buy 1-square-inch property and get the license.


From the above cases, you can see that you can deal with stress efficiently with the RIGHT tools. Deep breathing and positive thinking are too general.  Smoking, alcohol and drugs are not risky.

Furthermore, the law utilization is an important part of leadership. Winners not only know the right law, but also can seek opportunities between laws, and create their own law. The key is to think without a fixed frame, which is also essential to take leadership from good to great, reaching Level 5 and beating setbacks and failures. To help leaders use Law, think without a fixed frame, and manage stress and anxiety is a part of The Prince Synergy Level 5 leadership program curriculum.

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