Our History:


Help leaders boost Mental Health Management, win hearts and minds, leads better, and build a mentally healthy work environment

Open BYBSH to beat skyrocketing healthcare costs, stay healthy during pandemic, and end “Intractable issues” in healthcare.

Share “Optimizing Top Team Performance Efficiently” at Forbes.

The book What Stops Leaders from Good to Great showed leaders the systemic tools to go from good to great, get ahead, and stay ahead.

The article “Can EQ and Behavior Alone Build A Level 5 Leader?” brought the 6Q (quotient) Approach into Leadership Development.

In Dec 2013, we learned from Dominic Barton, the Global Managing Director at McKinsey, that how to task talents and allow them to grow from mistakes and failures, and how to handle setbacks and failures had been two hardest issues to businesses. In fact, our Founder has already helped many people handle setbacks, failures, and stay healthy at the clinics back in 2004-2006.

Developed assessment tools that do not rely on “Honesty & Self-awareness” but can get to the root causes of behaviors, IQ, EQ, adversity Q, health Q, learning Q, Public Influence Q, health Q and other tough issues.


The Prince Synergy was founded in 2006 to help others use a lion to awe wolves and a fox to identify traps.

Found that many people went to the hospital because they could not handle challenges, setbacks, and failures outside, and then developed various medical problems or worsened existing ones. Once their non-health problems were solved, their health issues often went away quickly.

Discovered that human ability, health, and relationships with self and society are one integrated system, that brain and body power can best protect the rights and successes of individuals and businesses.


 Our Founder acknowledged the pain and importance of self-actualization.