CLASS 2: Manage Conflicts Efficiently

CLASS 2: Manage Conflicts Efficiently




Would you like to lead different environments efficiently, manage conflicts wisely, win hearts and minds,  and find opportunities in turbulence?  Come to learn with the world-class CEO adviser.  We optimize leadership styles and conflict resolution at the same time since the two are essential to each other, and together, the two can help you achieve more.  In addition, the program help you gain some common tools to unleash your internal charm and win hearts and minds.


This is a 3-day program with case studies and group exercises.

  • Know yourself and talent at a personal level– cognitively, mentally and physically.
  • Develop a systemic view of conflict management and leadership styles.
  • Understand the comfort zone of each leadership style and conflict management tool.
  • Multiply leadership styles and enhance persuasion.
  • Manage conflicts wisely and maximize growth and opportunities.
  • Bring out the internal charm and win hearts and minds.
  • Handle difficult situations efficiently, such as performance review and internal political issues.

If CLASS 2 focuses on external conflicts, CLASS 1 minimizes self-induced conflicts, and CLASS 3 covers more complex conflicts in turbulence.  X-Class enables leaders to have a fulfilled life and stay healthy and win more hearts and minds.  CLASS 4 helps leaders catch early decline seeds and stay ahead with the latest technology. Custom programs are also available (below).


  • Executives and business owners who desire to gain more leadership styles and conflict management tools to go from good to great.
  • Leaders who are facing a major dilemma and looking for inspirations.
  • Those who need fast and lasting results.

Time & Venue:

Jun 19-21, 2019, 10 am-6 pm PST (Wed-Friday)
Los Angeles, CA

* Each class takes no more than 30 participants.
* Local programs are available upon request.

Custom programs (include diagnostic program, coaching and practice classes):

For more information, please contact us or join our next webinar.