Good to Great Leadership CLASS 2: Leadership Style & Conflict Management

Good to Great Leadership CLASS 2: Leadership Style & Conflict Management




Would you like to lead different environments efficiently, manage conflicts wisely and find opportunities in conflicts?   Come to learn with the world-class CEO adviser.   We optimize leadership styles and conflict resolution at the same time since the two are essential for each other and enable you to achieve more.


This is a 3-day program with case studies and group exercises.

  • Develop systemic view of conflict management and leadership styles in business operation.
  • Understand the comfort zone of each leadership style and conflict management tool.
  • Understand own leadership styles and empower self with additional ones to lead efficiently in different environments.
  • Equip self with additional tools to prevent conflicts systemically, manage conflict wisely, and find opportunities in conflicts.
  • Know your talent at a personal level and take action accordingly.
  • Master practical tips to handle difficult situations, such as storytelling and rule creation.
  • Gain more confidence, influence others better, and have strategy executed efficiently.


  • Executives and business owners who desire  to gain more leadership styles and conflict management tools to go from good to great.
  • Leaders who are facing major dilemma and looking for inspirations.
  • Those who need fast and lasting results.

Good to Great leadership CLASS 1“often lays a strong foundation for this class, for example enhancing innovation and minimizing internal conflicts.  The CLASS 3 covers the hardest conflicts that you can face in setbacks and failures.  X-Class enables you to manage yourself and team physically and mentally.   It is highly recommended to take the diagnostic program first BECAUSE symptoms may not be the root causes, so we can help you choose the most suitable classes to optimize your result and save time.   Custom programs are also available (below)

Time and Venue:  10 am-6 pm, August 23- 25, 2017, Los Angeles, CA

Fee Includes: all course materials and exceptional meals
Volume Discount: email us for group rates if sending 5 or more people
Timing: course starts at 10 am, hard stop each day at 6 pm

*Local programs are available upon request.

**This is not a program for first time managers.

Custom programs:
Optimize Leadership Style & Conflict Management
Leadership, from Good to Great

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