Good to Great Leadership CLASS 1: Focus on the Big Picture, Be Effective

Good to Great Leadership CLASS 1: Focus on the Big Picture, Be Effective




To focus on the big picture and be effective is essential to take your leadership from good to great and become a Level five leader.   However, many issues can stand in your way.  Learn how to get to the root cause and stay focused naturally and efficiently from world-class faculty from The Prince Synergy.


This is a 3-day program with case studies and group exercises that will help you:

  • Learn what can cause leaders to miss the big picture.
  • Explore how to be an effective executive.
  • Strengthen innovation and sensitivity to new trends and disruptions.
  • Sharpen strategy development.


  • Focus on the big picture and make future leadership development nature and efficient.
  • learn to be effective.
  • React to changes and opportunities more effectively.
  • Shorten the time needed to achieve individual and business success.

This class is the foundation of CLASS 2 and CLASS 3.   CLASS 2CLASS 3 and X-Class cover how to optimize leadership style, manage conflicts, handle setbacks and failures, and manage team physical and mental health, which is the execution and protection of focusing on the big picture.

Who Should Attend?

  • Executives and business owners who desire to desire to know them self and learn to be effective.
  • Leaders who desire to focus on the big picture, maximize leadership efficiency, and stay ahead of changes.
  • Those who desire to develop leadership naturally and efficiently.

Time and Venue:  10 am-6 pm, August 20- 22, 2017, Los Angeles, CA

Fee Includes: all course materials and exceptional meals
Early Birds: $ 2450 by August 10, 2017 (Regular $2850)
Volume Discount: email us for group rates if sending 5 or more people
Timing: course starts at 10 am, hard stop each day at 6 pm

*Local programs are available upon request.

Bonus:  one Executive 6Q Assessment for one participant by June 30, 2017
($1800 value, helping leaders identify other potential and development needs and take early action.)

**This is not a program for first time managers.

Custom programs with personal adviser are available:
Leadership, from Good to Great
Optimize Leadership Style & Conflict Management
Your Issue, Your Program

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