Beat Setbacks & Failures, Strengthen Adversity Quotient

Does the world challenge only your strengths? NO, which makes Adversity Quotient essential.

What makes handling setbacks and failures one of the hardest is that they can shut down the human mind and body when people need their mind and energy the most.    Without sufficient resilience or Adversity Quotient, great leaders can stop achieving more, early successors can crash in the storm, and many others can develop stress-related health issues.  Positive thinking and motivation are not enough.

We enable leaders and elites not only to strengthen their  Adversity Quotient but also prevent setbacks and failures, and develop the skills needed ahead of the time.  Our success started at clinics in 2004.  For those deep in “hot water,” we often find them the breakthrough quickly, for example, “Can He Handle the Job?”   Furthermore, we Build Adversity Quotient, Start with Children.

Empower Yourself and take charge of your success, health and life.  Everything else will be easier once you are ready for the worst.

Please read part 4.4  of What Stops Leaders from Good to Great? for more details and case studies.