A Right Start, A Strong Start

A Right Start, A Strong Start




Whether to take your leadership from good to great, be your bestbe an exceptional CEO, or choose a new career, it is important to diagnose your situation  well and make wise investments.  Speed, results and costs can determine your rise and fall.  In addition, there is no universal executive or elite, and NOT every issue has a quick solution.

The program will evaluate:

  • If you are on the right track with the right tools.
  • The gap to meet your new challenge, including potential issues, solutions and costs.
  • The best plan, strategy, follow-up models and group classes if applicable.
  • How to make your learning easy and fast.

This program includes an Executive 6Q Assessment and personal consultation.   The advice can be strategies, professional and personal management, or any combination.   No need to repeat the Executive 6Q Assessment if you have taken it within 2 years and had no significant events.  Contact us for your assessment discount.  The fee of this program is included in all custom programs,  and discounted to group class attendants at $300 in August 2017.

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