A Right Start, A Strong Start (Diagnostic Program)

A Right Start, A Strong Start (Diagnostic Program)




Whether to take your (top team) leadership from good to great, advance your career, be an exceptional CEO, optimize team performance, it is essential to make wise  investments and pursue your goal with speed and results.  Self-discovery is necessary but not always efficient.   The program will help you or your team identify the “missing software,” install it as smooth as possible, or explore alternatives if needed.

For individuals, the program will evaluate:

  • If you are on the right track with the right tools (career assessment is included).
  • The gap to meet the new challenge (s), including potential issues, solutions, and costs.
  • The best plan, strategy, follow-up models and group classes if applicable.
  • How to make learning or implementation easy and fast.

This program includes the Executive 6Q Assessment and a follow-up personal consultation.   What looks like your needs may not be your “missing software.”  In addition, you may need more down the road.  Thus, the advice can be strategies, professional and personal management, or any combination.    No need to repeat the assessment within 2 years in the absence of significant events.   Custom programs include the diagnosis.


For team performance management, The Prince Synergy will utilize individual data to:

By registering for the assessment, you understand this evaluation belongs to The Prince Synergy.  You agree not to directly or indirectly decompile, disassemble, distribute the contents of this evaluation, or attempt to export the assessment to any other party unless expressly authorized by The Prince Synergy.

How We Help Clients

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