Achieve Your Goal, Restore Your Brain & Body Power Efficiently

Achieve Your Goal, Restore Your Brain & Body Power Efficiently



Many leaders and elites burnout, age fast, or lose their brain and body power daily.   In addition to the fast pace and overload, the lack of the right tools to restore their brain and body power and meet challenges is one significant cause.

Most people do not know that IQ and EQ issues can result from non-IQ and non-EQ causes.  About 70% of health issues have non-heath causes.  In addition, Eastern and Western medicine have their own comfort zone.  When individuals cannot get their job done, businesses also suffer or lose their key performers.

Benefits of the Program

  • This program will evaluate your 6Qs and current management and help you restore your brain and body power efficiently, meet challenges or find alternatives.
  • The program will also advise businesses in talent management and strategy if needed.

Who Fits the Program:

  • Those who are burnout or age too fast due to work and life challenges.
  • Those whose health issues emerge or become worse under new challenges.
  • Those who need to keep their optimal performance.
  • Those who desire to maintain their optimal performance.
  • Those businesses who need to restore the brain and body of their key performers.
  • Those businesses who desire to take early action to maintain the brain and body of their key performers.

What to Expect

  • We will review individual 6Q and health issues and choose the right tools and best shoots.
  • Most individuals will need Executive 6Q Assessment and bring their medical records.
  • There may be 2-4 follow-ups.
  • The Prince Synergy or its network will provide leadership and professional skills development if needed.
  • Individuals’ current healthcare providers or our affiliations will handle medical treatments if needed.
  • We will review businesses’ talent management and strategy.
  • Institutional surveys may be needed to build a more efficient work environment.

Case Studies:

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