• Build exceptional leaders, teams, and performance management systems to strengthen society (TPS Executive Academy).
  • Optimize healthcare quality and beat skyrocketing healthcare costs to restore talent’s brain and body power efficiently (Dream & Power).


Deliver groundbreaking leadership skill and style development, team building and cost management, and talent brain and body power restoration with our endless passion for freedom and creativity, as only The Prince Synergy can.


Talent’s IQ, EQ, and health are critical to success, and each person is an integrated 6Q system. Poor IQ and EQ performance can result from non-IQ and non-EQ causes, health issues can also have non-health resources, and each tool has its comfort zone.

  • We evaluate all 6Q, empower leaders via multiple dimensions, and help businesses excite and keep the best while saving high costs.
  • We explore health and non-health causes, enable individuals to restore their brain and body power efficiently, and save significant healthcare costs.
  • Also, we enhance IQ, EQ through non-IQ, non-EQ channels, optimize health via 6Q instead of health alone, and make learning easy. Thus, we often achieve faster and more significant results.
  • Above all, we anticipate both positive and negative shifts in talent that matter and help clients take early action.

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How We Help Clients