Take Charge of Success & Human Capital Costs

Human Capital Costs are a key issue to business success.

The efficient way to control human capital costs  is to address productivity, turnover and healthcare costs at the same time.

The world DOES NOT challenge only individuals’ strength
Thus, how your team handles setbacks and failures determines not only your success in the storm, but also their daily problem solving, innovation, customer services, stress management, well being, turnover, etc.  In addition, workplace stress is # 1 cause of turnover.

Health care costs keep on soaring
US Healthcare cost surged to 17% of GDP in 2015.  About 70% of health issues are stress-related, such as heart disease, insomnia, stroke, ulcer, headache, shoulder pain, diabetes, fibromyalgia, etc.  Many people manage stress with smoking, alcohol, and drug, which bring themselves more health issues.

Because setbacks and failures often come with the worst stress, a team who can handle setbacks and failures will  save leaders opportunities, time & human capital costs.  The following 2 classes help businesses not only to take charge of their success, but also save healthcare costs:
• Class- Beat setbacks and failures
Class- Be Your Own Doctor First!

– Raise individuals’ stress threshold and optimize their problem-solving, innovation, learning, productivity, and others.
– Shorten the time needed to achieve your personal and business goals.
– Help individuals take good care of self, identify medical issues well, and minimize health costs.

– Reduce loss in low productivity, sick leave, and absenteeism: on average saving $1,153.85 ~11,538.46/day if the annual salary is $300,000- 3,000,000.
– Save health care $$$$ on prescriptions, treatments, clinic visits, and hospital stays (basic: $1,791~ $6,000/day).
– Minimize turnover: on average saving 1 year of salary, for example, $300,000~ 3,000,000 per year, since workplace stress is one common cause of turnover.

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