Optimize Leadership Styles & Conflict Management

Optimize Leadership Styles & Conflict Management




This is personalized program for leaders who desire to lead efficiently in different environments, manage conflicts wisely, and be more effective in finding opportunities and turning strategies into results.  The 3-day group practice is included.


  • Develop systemic view of conflict management and leadership styles in business operation.
  • Understand the comfort zone of each leadership style and conflict management tool.
  • Know key performers at a personal level and use the right people in changes.
  • Understand own leadership styles and empower self with additional ones to be efficiently in different environments.
  • Equip self with additional tools to prevent conflicts systemically, manage conflict wisely, and find opportunities in conflicts.
  • Master practical tips to handle difficult situations, such as storytelling and rule creation.
  • Gain more confidence, influence others better, and have strategy executed efficiently.


  • Explore the best shots in your learning and integrate learning with daily practices.
  • Follow up with your progress and make adjustments accordingly.

The program will start with the Executive 6Q Assessment and last about 8 weeks.  We meet the client every 1/2 week, 1w, 2w, 3w, to 4w, based on progress and needs, which can be on line except the first meeting and group exercises.

The Next Program:
Although you can start the program anytime, it is advised to participate the group practice early (included).

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The promotion for this program will end in May.