ExS: Be an Exceptional CEO

ExS: Be an Exceptional CEO



It is good to be a CEO but not good enough if you are ambitious.  The program will help you identify development needs at personal, interpersonal and institutional levels to strengthen your “all-in-one” capacity, and optimally, build Level 5 leadership and be an exceptional CEO.

What Makes this Program Unique?

  • We will identify development needs in multiple dimensions and at multiple levels, get to the root causes of behaviors, beyond traditional IQ and EQ.
  • Compared with “Leadership, from Good to Great,” this program strengthens not only your leadership but also your “all-in-one” capacity.

CLASSIC MODELS (You may not need every piece below)



Your Issue(s), Your Model


The program will start with the Executive 6Q Assessment and can last 4-9 months.   We have found it highly efficient to have the initial consultation and personal practice together, Strengthen Your Leadership Rapidly in 1-3 days, and then follow up to consolidate your new skills.  You can also join group practices for personal practices.  The first meeting, in-person training and group classes (included) will be in Los Angeles unless arranged differently.   In addition, the follow-up meetings with clients can be every 1/2 week, 1w, 2w, 3w, to 4w, based on progress and needs.   

For those who have not developed a solid foundation in professional and management skills, we will recommend proper providers accordingly.   Please visit “How We Help Clients” for more details, including group classes.


  • Those who desire to know self deeply and be an exceptional CEO.
  • Leaders who want to go from good to great and develop Level 5 leadership.
  • Those who need fast and lasting results.


  • No issues related to ethics or abuse.

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How we help clients.



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