Be an Exceptional CEO

Be an Exceptional CEO




It is good to be a CEO.   However, it is not good enough only to be a CEO.   The sooner you know how to be an exceptional CEO, the better CEO you can be, the more impact you can make.   The program helps you (CEOs) identify “missing software,” and, optimally, build Level 5 leadership and be an exceptional CEO.

What Makes this Program Unique?

  • Unlike others, we will go beyond traditional IQ and EQ approaches, get to the root causes of behaviors, and help you identify your “missing software.”
  • The program will empower you at a personal, interpersonal and institutional levels.
  • Compared with “Leadership, from Good to Great,” this program strengthens not only your leadership but also your “all-in-one” capacity.

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Your Issue(s), Your Model


The program will start with the Executive 6Q Assessment and can last 4-9 months.   We have found it highly efficient to Strengthen Your Leadership Rapidly in 1-3 days by having the initial consultation and personal practice together and then follow up to consolidate your new skills.  You can also join group practices for personal practices.  The first meeting, in-person training and group classes (included) will be in Los Angeles unless arranged differently.   In addition, the follow-up meetings with clients can be every 1/2 week, 1w, 2w, 3w, to 4w, based on progress and needs.   

For those who have not developed a solid professional and management foundation, we will recommend proper providers accordingly.   Please visit “How We Help Clients” for more details, including group classes.


  • Those who desire to know self deeply and be a great CEO, optimally, an exceptional CEO.
  • Leaders who want to go from good to great and develop Level 5 leadership.
  • Those who need fast and lasting results.


  • No issues related to ethics or abuse.

Discount: to build more exceptional CEOs, to honor Tova, we offer $19,500 off till the end of July.

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How we help clients.



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