How to Take Your Leadership from Good to Great Effectively?

How to Take Your Leadership from Good to Great Effectively?



Not every leader has what he or she “should.” However, today is NOT tomorrow because you can not only identify what is missing, take early action, but also avoid costly mistakes (not all issues have fast solutions!). IQ and EQ tools are not enough.

In this 2-hr event, our world-class CEO adviser will introduce how to get to the root causes and achieve fast and lasting results (we often take less than 50% of time that others may require).  You can personally experience the results and speed of the 6Q approach.

Event Objective:

– Share our 3-year studies on what stops leaders from good to great and fails leadership development.
– Compare the speed and results between the 6Q approach and traditional ones,and explore the impact on each step of executive growth, for example.

– Case studies
– Hands-on experience and answer questions.

Who Should Attend?

  • Executives and business owners who desire to know self, handle uncertainty and complexity efficiently, go from good to great, or develop Level 5 leadership.

Time and Venue:  2 -4 pm, Jul 12, 2017 (Wed), PST,  online
Seats are limited.  Get your ticket now!

Follow up personal programs and practice classes.

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If you are unable to attend this event, please email to  We will contact you or send you related videos and reading materials.