Build Adversity Quotient, Start with Brilliant Children

Build Adversity Quotient, Start with Brilliant Children




Are your children super smart?  Do you believe that they will have a great future?  Strengthen their Adversity Quotient (AQ) ASAP.

Studies have found that early successors often crush far worse than others since they have not exercised their muscle to be resilient.   Our Founder has met many of them at hospitals for various stress-related health issues, for example, depression, cirrhosis (due to over drinking), addiction (due to drugs), suicide, etc.   Many CEOs at Fortune 500 have to retire early due to low Adversity Quotient.   How to handle setbacks and failures is critical to leadership, success, and health.  In the meantime, the world does not just challenge your children’s strengths.

Would you prefer to tell your children to be proud that they give it their best AFTER they are crushed or help them build Adversity Quotient now, be their best and achieve lasting success?  This is your course if you want both and build brighter future for you and your children.

Event Objective:

This is a 2-day program with cases study and group exercises.

  • Understand the impact of setbacks and failures on leadership, success, and health.
  • Explore the common causes of setbacks and failures, internal and external.
  • Identify the common mistakes at each stage in adversity management.
  • Learn how children can act and learn differently than adults under the storm.
  • Learn how to explore children’s talent and enhance their AQ through daily activities.

Rewarding Benefits:

  • This is a 2-for-1 program that empowers parents to build adversity quotient for their children and themselves.
  • Enhance parent-child bond, maximize the stress threshold and problem-solving and enable both to grow faster and better and achieve more.
  • Minimize stress-related health issues that count for 70% of primary clinical costs as setbacks and failures often come with the worst stress.

Time and Venue:  Contact us

The 1-day program may be available.

Fee Includes: all course materials and exceptional meals
Volume Discount: email us for group rates if sending 5 or more people
Timing: course starts at 10 am, hard stop each day at 6 pm

*Local programs are available upon request (minimum 30 attendants).

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