TG- Break into the US Market


TG- Break into the US Market

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While there are more opportunities in the US, foreign companies and executives are often held to higher standards if they want to break into the US market. There are many regulatory, legal, and bureaucratic issues that may pose obstacles, not to mention local xenophobic and discrimination.  “Unexpected issues” can come from anywhere, including government, the legal system, and medical system.   In another word, you need to “beat” natives in almost all aspects and know how to protect yourself well.   The good news is that there are more creative, independent, and fair people in the US than in other countries.  To stand out, you need:

  • Learn the US culture and systems faster and better than natives.
  • Let your products and services score 110-150 on a scale of 100 if local citizens’ score 80-90.
  • Use the right people to bring your ideas and products to the US.
  • Know how to protect your rights and avoid troubles
  • Get into the mainstream.

It often takes two generations to learn a new culture.  How to do better and faster than natives? Through Personalized Fast Learning.

Usually, to get into the US mainstream is the ultimate goal to break into the US market.  Is it easy?  No.  You need to be more charming than natives, which makes how to break into the US market more challenging, exciting, and rewarding.


  • Strengthen English language ability, minimize foreign accent, and optimize the American accent.
  • Learn the US culture and systems effectively through Personalized Fast Learning, which can be 9 months.
  • Integrate the US culture with your business development, customer service, team management, social life, etc.
  • The program includes:
    Executive 6Q Diagnosis
    -Consultation or a group class for a kickstart.
    -Weekly 2-hr follow-up for the first month, Bi-weekly 2-hr follow-up from 2nd to 4th month and monthly afterward.


  • Those who desire to break into the US market.
  • Those who plan to merge with or acquire US companies.
  • Those who need to manage their businesses in the US.
  • Those who desire to retain more US customers.
  • Those who need a reliable and innovative local team.
  • Those who need to prepare their overseas team and localize them efficiently.
  • Those who want to reduce risks, costs and handle unexpected or delicate issues properly.
  • Those who want to enjoy their life, work, and study in the US.



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