Win Hearts & Minds Efficiently (Institution)

Win Hearts & Minds Efficiently (Institution)



As the talent war, competition, and disruption intensify, it is increasingly important for a leader to be charming and win hearts and minds.  As the harsh time is approaching, such as the “massive workforce disruption” or massive lay-offs due to Automation, it takes more than people skills but vision, fairness, and care to be charming and win hearts and minds.  Although in-person communication remains the most effective, as a company grows, the leader also needs to win hearts and minds through management teams and systems, and, in the meantime, be charming.

Benefits of the Program:

  • Unleash the leader’s internal charm and optimize conflict management and leadership efficiency.
  • Strengthen institution concentric power, stability, and optimize productivity and innovation.
  • Excite and keep the best and minimize turnover, training, healthcare, and other costs.
  • Shorten the time needed in team readiness, engagement, and alignment in change management.
  • Allocate and preserve human capital efficiently.

What does the Program Provide?

  • Help the leader identify the “missing software” in conflict management, leadership styles, and other inner power.
  • Build the management team(s) that can get the job done, unleash team potential, and win hearts and minds.
  • Adjust existing team performance management system according to anticipated issues, take early actions, and win hearts and minds more efficiently.
  • Shape related policies to win more hearts and minds.

What Makes the Program Unique?

  • Unlike others, we go beyond traditional IQ and EQ approaches, get to the root causes of behaviors and view business and society as one big picture.
  • We strengthen underlying structure in addition to people skills to build lasting charm.
  • The program helps clients win heart and minds through leaders, management teams, system and structure design instead of leaders alone.
  • If “Leadership, from Good to Great” and “Be an Exceptional CEO” mainly empower a leader horizontally at a personal level, this program focuses on winning hearts and minds vertically and systemically.  The program may expand its scope at the personal level if indicated.  “Optimize Leadership Styles & Conflict Management” is designed to help leaders alone.


Leader(s) and Team(s):
The program will start the Executive 6Q Assessment for the leader and the top team, followed by consultation and custom training.  We have found it highly efficient to integrate initial consultation with personal training so that the leader and the top team can “Strengthen Your Leadership Rapidly” in 1-3 days and consolidate new skills through follow-ups.

Managers can attend group classes without assessment, for example,

  • CLASS 1: Focus on the Big Picture, Be Effective (3 d)
  • CLASS 2– Be Charming Leadership Style, Conflict Management, Hearts & Minds (3 d)
  • CLASS X– Be Happy, Be Your Own Doctor First! (2 d)

Systems and Structures 
The program will review existing survey findings, media reports, and other related information, conduct additional surveys as needed and advise the adjustment to the existing systems and structures.

Follow Up
The program will follow up in 1 week, 2 weeks, 2 months, and as needed.


  • Leaders who want to be charming and win heart and minds efficiently
  • Those who desire to optimize institution concentric power, team engagement, excite and keep the best.
  • Those who need to fasten change management and institutional culture building.
  • Those who long to minimize costs in training, healthcare, etc.
  • Those who want to be charming and win hearts and minds during the tough time.

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