Win More Chinese Market

Win More Chinese Market



Continuous growth and a consumer-led economy have kept Chinese market as one of the most attractive to businesses around the world.  While local customers may pay whatever you ask as long as your products are well-known in the Western world, your local team and government may be different.  Some treatment, as well as the legal and regulatory environment, are subject to change without notice.

Can you optimize your odds? Yes. However, you need to be well prepared to succeed in this type of environment, or your investment will be wasted.

  • Learn the China culture and systems faster and better than residents.
  • Show your products are well-known in the Western world and meet Chinese needs perfectly.
  • Use the right people who can bring your ideas and products to China and protect your rights.
  • Get into the mainstream, develop business, and seek local legal protection.

It often takes two generation to learn a new culture well.  Can you learn faster than the natives? Yes, through Personalized Fast Learning.  You can be very efficient in a few months to 1 year.


  • Those who want to break into the Chinese market.
  • Those who plan to merge with or acquire companies in China.
  • Those who need to manage their businesses in China.
  • Those who desire to retain more Chinese customers and minimize threats.
  • Those who have to build a more reliable and innovative local team.
  • Those who need to prepare their overseas team and localize them efficiently.
  • Those who want to reduce risks, costs and handle unexpected or delicate issues properly.
  • Those who wish to enjoy their life, work, and study in China.


Unlike others, we not only show you the difference in etiquette and communication but also help you optimize:

  • Personal development and personal charm
  • Culture management
  • Customer services
  • Social and governmental resources




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