Overview- Build High-Performing Teams

It takes a smart system to build high-performing teams.

A smart system enables leaders to use the right people, optimize corporate leadershipsupport innovation, and turn learning into action rapidly.

A smart system also can excite and keep the best, prevent conflicts,  and take charge of human capital costs.

We call this the 6Q Multi-tasking Talent Model.

Each person has 6 quotients, not just IQ, EQ, and LQ alone, such as experiences, operation and motivation.  The more complex a project is, the more Qs will be involved, which is why partial tools cannot work well all the time.   “Can He Handle the Job?” is a good example.

3 : 6 = 1 : 2

By knowing talent deeply at each step,  leaders can inspire and lead their team more efficiently and take charge of success and future